Short Sale Negotiators. Needed or not?

call me!!!Hi folks, today, I’m writing to pick your collective brains a little. With the huge amounts of distressed property owners in this current real estate environment a “new” business opportunity seems to have been born, The Short Sale Negotiator. 

If you are like me, I’m sure you get numerous emails from these companies, offering to assist you with short sale negotiations. They go something like this: 

  • “Why spend your time negotiating with Lenders when you could be spending your time listing and selling real estate. We are a National company helping real estate agents and homeowners deal with short sale negotiations. Our services are FREE!! We get paid by taking 1% of the purchase price at time of closing. If we do not successfully negotiate a short sale on your behalf then we do not get paid.” 

Here is my question: 

  • Must these companies be either licensed real estate brokers or attorneys, since they are getting paid by commission only? 

I must admit that at one time these services seemed very appealing to me. I have since changed my mind. My problem is, I feel having another party between me and my sellers is opening up the door to unnecessary liability. I also feel I am giving up too much control. I’m a control freak and the thought of having to go through another party for updates just does not do it for me. 

Short sales are time consuming enough without adding another layer of frustration. 

Now having said all that, I’m positive some of these companies are very good at what they do BUT…….how do I find out who is good or not without having to put one of my sellers at risk to, find out? 

I need some help with this. What are your thoughts? 


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