So, where is "The Lovely Wife?"

 My morning started out as usual today. I woke up around 8 pm and rolled over and grabbed my laptop. As I normally do, I checked my E-mails and then opened up ActiveRain to check the new postings. And Lo and behold! "The Lovely Wife" was off the dashboard. I got really worried and started looking all over for her. "Hunee? Hunee? Where are you?" My first instinct was to call the mall to see if they had seen her. Maybe she got lost in Dilliard's yesterday and couldn't find her way home. Then I looked on the back of the milk carton to see if her face was there. Nope. No luck. I was starting to sweat. I picked up the phone to dial 911, then I remembered the conversation we had the day before.

"The Lovely Wife" and I had decided, the day before, to ask Matt to remove her from the dashboard. I know, I know. "Broker Bryant why would ya'll do that?" Well here's the deal. "The Lovely Wife" and I are a team and have been for a couple of decades. We work together and we play together. We are each other's best friend. I always say we are each other's "last resort", since no one else could put up with either one of us. Anyway, about six years ago TLW decided to semi-retire and step away from the business, as much as that is possible. After many years of hard work we decided it was a good time for her to relax and enjoy life. She takes care of our house, our rental properties and our dogs. This is a full time job in itself.

When I had joined ActiveRain back in July, she didn't show much interest but eventually started looking over my shoulder to see why I was spending so much time on my lap top. After a while she was wanting to write a post, so she wrote "The Ten Commandments of Real Estate" as a guest writer on my Blog. Wow! What a post! It was a featured post right out of the starting gate. After that, I could not get her off my Blog. She was driving me crazy! So I said, "Hunee, why don't you sign up and get your very own Blog and you can use "The Lovely Wife" as your name?"

This was a pretty good idea. She could play around a bit and have some fun and most importantly I could get her off my Blog. But who knew? She was damn good at this and started getting featured posts, lots of comments and even won the Carnival of Real Estate! A Blogging maniac was born. The addiction took over. The pressure to write was on and the fun was gone.

We were discussing this, this week and the two of us decided to get her removed from the dashboard, so she could relax and write at her own pace. Also, we thought it would be good to open up another spot on the dashboard for some of the excellent new Bloggers, that have joined ActiveRain, over the last few weeks. There is no need for both of us to be on the dashboard. It just didn't feel right and seemed a little unfair. We don't need, or want, two spots. We are a team. We are one unit, not two. Did we make a good decision? We think so. Will "The Lovely Wife" keep posting? Absolutely.

So where is "The Lovely Wife"? Right here beside Broker Bryant, where she always is, holding me up and pushing me forward………. ROAR!

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