Social Media. How to. What to. When to. Who to.

Social media

Social Media. How to. What to. When to. Who to.

Have you ever wondered how many Social media experts there are out there? If you do a Google search for “Social Media Experts” you get 80,000,000 results. Holy crap Batman!!

Now I’m sure this figure is waaaay off so let’s say there are a million “Social Media Experts”. A million people telling us…….

  • How to interact with others online.
  • What to write/post/tweet/update about.
  • When to write/interact/tweet.
  • Who to befriend, become a fan of, linkin with.

If Social Media is about interacting with each other then shouldn’t we know this stuff already? Aren’t we already social? Don’t we interact every day?

Why do I need time to “find my voice”?

If I have to follow guidelines and advice on How, What, When and Who then wouldn’t that mean I’m not being myself? Shouldn’t we have learned this stuff when we were children?

Here’s my advice. Be yourself. Good, bad or indifferent. Be yourself. Quit trying to fake it.

I can tell a fake from a mile away. Can you?

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