Taking my Broker glasses off and looking at Poinciana FL.

Buy in Poinciana today!!! 

Folks, as you know, normally when I write about the market in Poinciana FL, I am always telling you guys how sales are down 60%, values are down 30% and basically how my market is in dire straights. Well today, I want to look at Poinciana from a different perspective.

Instead of looking at Poinciana through the eyes of a Real Estate Broker, I want to take a minute to look at Poinciana from the perspective of someone looking to move to Central FL.

Here are some stats that will help put Poinciana in a better perspective.

In January of 2006 there were 57,730 people that called Poinciana home. In November of 2007 there were 69,548. That’s an increase of roughly 12,000 or a tad over a 20% INCREASE in population in a 2 year period.

In January of 2006 there were 15,503 single family dwellings in Poinciana. In November of 2007 there were 18,683. Again, roughly a 20% INCREASE. That’s over 3,000 new construction homes in a 2 year period. An average of 130 per month.

During this same period there were approximately 1,900 resale homes sold. For an average of 82 per month.

Out of 18,683 homes in Poinciana only about 1,500 are currently on the market. That’s roughly 8%. Roughly 500 sold this year. That’s right at a 2.7% of total homes!!!

What all this means is, Poinciana is a vibrant, rapidly growing community. We have an average of 500 people a month moving into Poinciana. More than 92% of the folks that own a home in Poinciana are staying put.

Folks, if you are looking for affordable housing in a fast growing, self contained community then now may be a good time to check out Poinciana FL. Watch this little video show. Where else can you find a beautiful 1600 sq ft home on a Golf Course for less than $175,000!!

Come on down to Tutas Towne!!! I’ll be waiting for you.

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***Data was compiled from the Mid-Florida Regional MLS and the box score from the Poinciana Pioneer. Data includes Poinciana neighborhoods and Solivita.

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