The ball’s in your court. Run with it!!

Howdy folks. Over the last few weeks I have read quite a few posts, from my peers on ActiveRain, about the struggles they are having in their business right now and their thoughts of getting out. Now folks, I'm all for the "weeding" out of our industry and I'm hoping that this more difficult market will do just that. BUT I'm not for losing good people. Good people is what our industry needs. Ethical, honest and hard working folks.

So today, I'm writing this post to hopefully help someone in their efforts to refocus and get over the hump. One of the things I enjoy most about AR is the opportunity it gives me to share what I do. AR also gives me the opportunity to learn from others. I wish I would have had something like this network, when I got into the business 13 years ago, but I didn't, so I had to learn my craft by trial and error. That's OK though, because I truly believe it made me a better REALTOR®. TLW and I have been there. We have struggled to survive in this business and we have been in dire straights, financially, more than once. But we persevered. We had to. We knew Real Estate was our future and failure was never an option. We moved forward and by sheer will power and hard work we found success.

Anyway, I'm going to put some links here for some posts that I have written over the last 10 months that I hope will help. I have shared everything about my business, from listing presentations, getting business, negotiating, my marketing techniques, expired letter, FSBO letter and motivational material. Everything you need to know about making a success of your business has been written about by me or others on AR. So really all you have to do is implement these things into your business. I challenge you to read these posts and make a decision to get busy and make things happen. It's your choice.







Folks, I could go on and on but there are too many posts. You'll have to wait for my book. My point is, don't just read the info on ActiveRain, implement it. Knowledge unused, is worthless. You can also use the "search" function on ActiveRain. Search the Blogs for the topic you need assistance with and you will have at your finger tips, years worth of experience and knowledge. Take advantage of what other more experienced folks have learned and shared. That's why we write it.

So, read, learn, implement and succeed. Broker Bryant is rooting for you. I want you to succeed. Do you? Will you? 

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