The consumer speaks. Do we listen?

OK I have an interesting one today. Following is an Email I received from a consumer, via Active Rain. I have already responded but thought it would be interesting to hear how you would handle this situation. Here it is:

Broker Bryant,

We just got back from the home inspection for our new home and some pretty big issues have come up and I need some advice from someone I trust….you.

Here they are: 

The house is listed on the MLS as a 4 bedroom house. The Sellers are using one "bedroom" as an office, which is fine……except it does NOT have a closet. I thought there was a small closet in the corner of the room, when we first toured, but could not be sure because of the furniture. I screwed up by "assuming" but didn't want to move their decor around to be sure. Turns out it was a decorated room divider. Where the closet should have been, when it was built, the recess in the wall was changed into a large bookcase. That's fine as well…..but it cannot be called/considered a bedroom w/o a closet. Isn't that true? Doesn't one less bedroom affect value?

2) On the MLS are listed features of the interior. First on the list is "central vacuum system". When the inspector was there he could not find it so he asked ME! We looked around, and sure enough, there's not one.

I don't mind people making mistakes, but there's a pattern developing…..

On her web site she listed the house as 1.5 stories which I brought to my agent's attention and we both laughed….simply a mistake. Now, when we truly get down to it…..these two come to light.

I have a 10 day option so I can cancel the whole deal and only be out my expenses for the inspection and $100 to the seller so that's no big deal.

My questions are:

Is this ethical of the listing agent?
What are my options other than cancel and begin my search again?
How would you handle it?

I had my agent talk with the listing agent's office to express my displeasure and concern and the response was "Oops, I made a mistake". I told my agent to call them back and tell them that's not good enough! I don't appreciate people pissing on my leg and telling me it's raining…..know what I mean?

If you could see your way to give me some advice and direction, I'd certainly appreciate it. Your name will NEVER be mentioned; you have my word. If you'd rather not comment, I completely understand….no problem. After my realtor experiences, I don't know what's going on over there. My agent is little more than a mouthpiece and doesn't press my position….period.

Lastly, could I, and would you, file a complaint with the real estate commission?

Now folks, I'm posting this because I want to get your feedback on what advice you would give this consumer. So have at it. I will post my response tomorrow.


Broker Bryant's advice. Sound or foolish? 



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