The CRAP we put up with……or not!!

Bite me!!OK folks. So this is an absolutely true email thread that took place yesterday. ENJOY!!! The name has been changed to more closely reflect the….well….just read the post.

POSSIBLE BUYER(DICK): Very interested in this home could you send us all the info you have pics and that. We are in the process of selling our home up here in Pa. and plan on moving to Florida this year. We have a buyer and getting a contract together so we are looking to find something and get something started soon.

ME: Hi Dick, Here are the details for 330 Chiquita

This property is getting quite a bit of activity and will probably not be available for long. It is a short sale and any agreed price requires approval from the seller’s lender. Are you familair with Poinciana?

DICK: This is not the one i asked about 

ME: Hi Dick, Oops!! I sent the wrong details. 330 Chiquita

BIG DICK: Are you on drugs this is not the home we are asking about send me the right shit please

ME: You’re done

BIGGER DICK: Well if you don’t want to sell me this home give me someone who will 3 times you sent me the wrong info on a home i have no interest in i am sorry for being so rude how would you feel if you ask about something and got the wrong info not once but 3 times. The wife are very interested in the home i ask about as we are moving to Florida from Pa. this is one of the many homes we looked at on line that we are very interested in again sorry for being rude.

ME: You have requested info on 330 Chiquita. That is the info you have. Please contact another company to assist you.

BIGGEST DICK; Well when I opened it it was another house is there another company with this house listing as this is what we are interested in sorry buddy if you want to sell this house talk to me if not give it to someone else and let them sell it to me

SHRIVELIN DICK: And yes i do have it now thank you and the wife really likes this one so please over come your feeling take it in stride and sell a house. I did say i was sorry after looking at all the homes we have in the last few weeks is gets to you and finding one you like is harder then we thought. Again sorry about that I sometimes say things I should keep to myself. Have a good day anyway.

ME: This house will be sold this week. I do not have to work with you nor do I have to sell you this house. I’m not your buddy, I don’t do drugs and I don’t sell shit. I do however own this real estate company and we will not be doing business with you. Your email addy will now be blocked.

LIMP DICK: sorry you don’t have to be an ass about it

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