The power of the rain. ActiveRain that is!

Over the last few days, Brett Mumaw and I have been using the full power of ActiveRain. Brett had sent me an E-mail, asking for a copy of my expired letter, which of course, I sent right over to him. Then Brett decided to use that letter as a starting point and create a letter to send out to FSBOs in his market. He then E-mailed me a copy of what he had written. Over the next couple of days we tweaked it together, since two heads are always better than one, and we have come up with what we think is a pretty good letter. It just shows you how two guys, hundreds of miles apart, can work together through ActiveRain and create something that will help us both in our business.

This is what we started with:


My name is Brett Mumaw. I am a Realtor with Semonin Realtors. I noticed that you are selling your house without the guidance of a Realtor. I respect your decision and completely understand the reasons many people try to go this route, but I do feel obligated to tell you three facts I think every For Sale by Owner should know.

  • Real estate brokerage has been part of our society, and Sellers have been paying full brokerage commissions, for over 200 years. In the microwave society that we live in, would you agree that nothing lasts that long unless it has real value?
  • 7 out of every 10 For Sale By Owners end up having to choose a broker to help them sell or have to change their plans, sometimes when it is too late to save them from costs they could have avoided.
  •  As a licensed Realtor, I can generally sell a house for more money than a private owner can; and I can generally sell it in less time.

There are six reasons why these facts are true. I would welcome the opportunity to sit down with you and explain them with absolutely no obligation to you whatsoever. I could also answer any questions you have concerning your real estate needs or our Southern Indiana market conditions.

In addition, I also have a "For Sale by Owner Help Kit" that you are welcome to have. It offers tips and advice on selling your house without the assistance of a Realtor. Would something like that be of value to you?

I want you to think of me as your real estate resource guide. I promise to answer my phone when you call or return your call within one hour Monday – Sunday 8am to 8pm. Try it out! (502) xxx-xxxx. Also check out my web site at or email me at


This is what we ended up with:


My name is Brett Mumaw and I am a REALTOR® with Semonin Realtors and I specialize in the listing and selling of homes in your area.

While out previewing homes, in your neighborhood, I noticed that you are marketing your house on your own. I'm sure you have a good reason for doing this and I respect your decision. If you would like some information to help you with pricing, I would be happy to drop off a "neighborhood analysis" for you. This analysis will give you a good idea of what's currently on the market and what has recently sold in your area. If this interest you, then give me a call and I will get one over to you.

As you know, the real estate selling process can be very confusing and complex. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you would just like an opinion. If you do find an interested buyer, give me a call, I have good connections with Mortgage Brokers and Title Companies that can help you through the selling process.

I also have an excellent "For Sale by Owner Help Kit" which offers tools and advice on selling your home. I'll forward some of this kit, to you, over the next few weeks. I think you will find the information very helpful. In the meantime, I wish you a lot of luck in your endeavor.

If I can be of any assistance, then please feel free to call me on my direct line at (502) xxx-xxxx or via email at You can reach me anytime between xxxx and xxxx. If you get a voice mail, please leave a message and I will call you right back. I promise.

Make it a great day!!!

Your future REALTOR®,


We want to keep inviting them to call. "Call to action" phrases need to be in everything you do. 

1. We let them know we are actively in the neighborhood

2. We offered them free stuff.

3. We let them know we understand the decision they have made, to go it alone.

4. We made ourselves available, to help with info, if they find a buyer.

5. We let them know that we have connections in the business.

6. We told them we would be staying in touch and sending them more info.

7. We invited them to call us, again.  

Not once have we tried to sell them. That's a good thing. One of the keys, in any marketing, is to remember what you are trying to achieve. And there is only one goal. That's to get them to pick up the phone and call you. Once they call, the only goal is, to make the appointment. Then when you are in front of them, that is when you sell. It sounds simple but a lot of REALTORS(R) are always selling and they have no success. There is a time and a place for everything. When someone calls me I make an appointment in the first couple of minutes. No matter what they ask me, my response is, "let's set a time, right now, so I can come over and answer all your questions" Never fails!  

So how did we do?  Any suggestions?


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