The Price is Right In Poinciana FL…So Come On Down!!!

Buy me!!!Welcome to…..The Price is Right! Come on down Poinciana Buyers….we have homes to sell in Poinciana Fl. Not only do we have homes but we have cheap homes. That’s right folks CHEAP.

Folks, these are some really nice homes that we are selling in the low $120s. Most are only a couple of years old and average about 1550 sq ft living area with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. 

You can’t find a house like that any where else in Central Florida, for these prices. Not only are our prices low but if you want to buy one of these homes you may qualify for a USDA Rural Housing Loan. That’s right folks…..USDA, the same folks that stamp the meat at the Winn Dixie also have mortgages. 

What the USDA does is offer 100% financing in areas that qualify for Rural Development! And guess what?….Poinciana qualifies! That means if YOU qualify you don’t even have to have a down payment!! 

But Broker Bryant what do we have to do to qualify for one of those suckas? That’s a darn good question. I don’t know!!! Hey Don’t look at me like that!! I’m a Real Estate Broker NOT a Mortgage Broker. Finding you a loan is “not my area” BUT….I know people. And some of these people ARE Mortgage Brokers and can get you some of that “all beef patty” money. 

So, this is what I’d do if I were you…..I’d contact me….Broker Bryant and let me introduce you to the right people. Let’s just see if they can get you some of that meat money. Now if they can, I’m positive that we can find you a darn good place to call home. 


And, before you know it, you can call your Landlord up and say “See ya! I’m loadin’ up the truck and movin’ to Beverly Hills Poinciana!” 

Now that wasn’t so hard was it? Are you dialing yet? Come on…I’m waiting…la la la la……hello…….where are you…….lines are now open…..hello….Where the heck is Ryan Seacrest when you need him? Ok….I’m outa here. Operators are standing by.


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