The Secret To Effective Lead Generation……

Are you ready? It’s going to be complicated.

My secret advice to agents about lead generation is to stop trying to figure it out and start doing it! It’s not so much what you do as it is that you do it. Be consistent.

Wake up tomorrow morning and mail an expired listing letter to every expired/withdrawn in your market. Then get up every day thereafter and do the same thing. Do it forever.

Then do the same thing for FSBOs and preforeclosures.

Within about 90 days you will have a steady stream of listing leads coming in. Once you get the properties listed syndicate them to every website that will take them.

Shortly thereafter you will have a steady stream of Buyer leads coming in. Work the ones that are ready to buy in 30 days or less and set the rest up on auto property alerts and leave them alone. They’ll buy when they’re ready.

Treat your Sellers and Buyers as if they are your only customer/clients. Communicate with them constantly. They will provide you with even more leads.

Add in some very specific hyper local blogging and social networking and you are good to go. This stuff is not complicated.

Or… can sit on your laurels and wait for your Broker to give you business. What say you?

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