The stress of non-disclosure is finally put to rest!!!

I'm stressed!!!!Hi folks. I posted an article last year titled “Sally’s Eyes Will Make a Grown Man Cry”, if you haven’t read it please take a minute to do so as it was a powerful post. This post is a follow up. 

When I listed Sally’s house, the biggest issue, was whether or not to disclose the murder/suicide of her parents. Since this is not something we are required by law to disclose we decided not to. The reason we decided not to disclose was simple, all that the parents, of Sally and her two sisters, had left them was the equity in the house. My job, as their family’s long time REALTOR® and friend, was to get as much as I could for the house. 

Having this house listed was very stressful. But what can you do? These girls really needed to sell and they had already been through enough. The fact that their parents had died in the house was a matter of public records. It had been on the news and in the papers. It was a known event. 

Every time there was a showing I would worry about the neighbors running out to tell the potential Buyers all about what had happened in the house. I was not at all comfortable with “the secret” that I had but I had to keep it. Unless I was asked……I wasn’t talking. 

Anyway, after several months, many showings and no incidents, a Buyer was found!!! Thankfully they were working with their own agent. A deal was negotiated and we moved towards closing. 

The transaction was very smooth and it closed with no issues. The Sellers and I never met the Buyer. 

For months, after this closing, I kept waiting on the dreaded phone call, from the Buyer or their agent, reaming me out for keeping “the secret”. I just knew the Buyer would find out from a neighbor and my reputation in Poinciana would be ruined. Their Attorney would sue me for “emotional duress” and I’d lose my business. But fortunately…..these things didn’t happen. 

It’s been a little more than two years now and I haven’t heard a peep…….until today!!!!! 

It seems the Buyers of this property were part of “one of the largest marijuana grow house operations in the history of Osceola County”. YIKES!!!!

I guess I should have disclosed to the neighbors….who….was buying the house. Go figure!

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