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You know, there is one thing I just hate, when I have a closing, now don't get me wrong, I love closings but I hate it when I get my check before my Seller gets their money. This seems to the trend lately in my area. Here's how it works. I had a closing scheduled for 4:00 last Friday. Now my Sellers and I like to go to the closing first, so we can be done and gone before the Buyer arrives. So we arrived at 3:00 and signed the Seller's docs. Now since it was a late Friday closing, I had already informed my Sellers that the deal probably would not fund until Monday morning, so we can leave wiring instructions with the Title Company and his funds should arrive by Monday afternoon. As usual the Title Company knows to Fed-ex my check to me.

Anyway, on Monday about 1:00 my check had not arrived, so I thought I best give the Title Company a quick call to make sure all is well. First, they tell me the Buyers did not show up on Friday until 6:30 and they didn't finish signing until 9:00pm. Wow! Kudos to my closer for staying that late and getting it done. Especially, since her, much needed, vacation started at 5:30. Secondly they tell me they made a mistake on the HUD and the Buyer now needs to bring a check for $754.00 in order to finalize the deal and get a funding number. OK, well this is news to me. So I call the Buyer's Realtor and she tells me that she has known this since early that day and has already discussed it with the Buyer, who, get this, refuses to bring a check down!

I guess the Buyer was told they didn't need any money at all to buy this house and they were not willing to come up with $754.00 total to close on their new $240,000 home. Now, their Realtor, instead of trying to make this right, had been arguing and yelling at the Buyer all morning and telling them if they didn't do this, well, go find another house.

Damn, I hate it when that happens! Anyway, this is not the time to be upsetting the Buyer. My Seller needs his money. So I made a quick call to the Mortgage Broker who agreed immediately to reduce his fee by $754.00 and zero out the Buyer. I'm back in business. I call the other Realtor and told her the problem is solved (in 10 minutes by the way), we will fax the Buyer a new HUD for their signatures and get this deal funded today. Please call the Buyers and let them know we don't need any money and apologize to them for the misunderstanding. I guess she did because we got the HUD back about 4:30 Monday afternoon.

At 5:00, the Title Company called me to let me know the deal had been funded and my check was placed in the Fed-Ex. At that time, I reiterated that they also needed to wire my Seller his funds and I doubled check to make sure they had the wiring instructions. "No problem, Broker Bryant, I will take care of that right now." Great. My job is almost done. All I need now is for my Seller to call me Tuesday morning to let me know his funds have arrived.

OK, my check arrived on Tuesday morning. Around 2:00 I thought I had best follow up with the Seller and to my surprise he still had not received his funding. I call the Title Company and speak with one of the office managers, since my closer is on vacation, and guess what? They had not even started the wire transfer yet! *&^%#@*$@!!!!! So here we are 3:00 on Tuesday, the wire has finally been sent and maybe my Seller will get it today but more than likely he get it on Wednesday, for a closing that he signed on Friday. I really hate it when that happens. My check is sitting on my desk. I will not deposit it until I know my Seller has received his money. You're probably thinking, why don't I just go ahead and deposit my check? Well folks, here's why. My Sellers are paying me to do a job, and in my mind, my job is not complete until my Sellers have their money in their hands. I refuse to get paid until my job is done. So tomorrow, I will have to make another follow up call to my Seller and then hopefully I will be able to check this one off as a done deal. NEXT!

So that's my post for today. I told you it would not be about ActiveRain groups! That in itself ought to be worth some comments.

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