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Hi folks, OK so instead of going around to the almost FIFTY posts that have been written to/for/about TLW and leaving an update I thought it best to just do it here. Here goes:

3-18-09 @ 6:50 AM

Good morning every one. First thank you so much for this out pouring of support, prayers and love.

I’m typing this from the surgical waiting room. They took TLW in at 7am. This morning’s surgery is exploratory according to the surgeon. We are expecting a more major surgery to be later this week…..maybe even tomorrow.

Unfortunately TLW has a lot of issues going on with her vascular system and this surgeon wants to repair as much as he can.

She has an awesome team of five surgeons right now so we are very confident in their abilities. The biggest immediate issue is getting the femoral graph replaced and covered with some new skin. As it stands now it is exposed. That is very very dangerous.

I’m at the HoJo’s in Tampa and will be until this is all over and I can bring TLW home. It could be a week or it could be a month. We’ll certainly know much more as soon as I speak to her surgeon this morning.

As always we both prefer donations to in lieu of flowers.

Cards can be sent to:

PO BOX 969
Dundee, FL 33838

3-18-09 @ 8:10 AM

TLW just got out for surgery.

They are scheduling her for more surgery sometime between now and Monday.

They are going in to harvest a vein in her leg to replace the graph that was put in. Looks like about 2-3 more weeks in the hospital but her prognosis is very good.

OK that’s it for now. THANK YOU!!!!! 

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