Want to be an "overnight success" in Real Estate?

I have had a couple good questions today, from Realtors, that are members of ActiveRain. 

  1. 1. How is it that I seem to have Seller after Seller calling me to sell their houses?
  1. 2. What do I mean by “I will do everything I can to get your house sold”?

Well, to answer the first question, I have been in Real Estate for 12 years. My “overnight success” is a product of working my ……..off for many years and staying focused on what I wanted to achieve. When I first started in Real Estate my market, Poinciana, Fl had about 1,200 houses and 6,000 people. 12 years later we have 16,500 houses and about 65,000 people. Every day, for 12 years, I have sat down first thing in the morning and mailed out my expired letter to every expired and withdrawn listing in Poinciana. Every time I list or sale a house I send out 400 jumbo “just listed” or “just sold” postcards. I have automated mailers in place that go out every month. Our community, has a HOA monthly paper, that I have had an ad in for 12 years. We also have a local “advertiser” that comes out once a month, that I have advertised in for 10 years. These 2 papers are delivered to every house in my market once a month. I never, ever miss any of these advertising opportunities.

I’ve bought t-shirts for the local little league that say Tutas Towne Realty across the back. I used to have a TV commercial. I keep in touch with everyone in my data base. I used to put magnetic signs on my convertible and cruise the Winn Dixie(our only store at the time) with my top down and just wave and say “hi” to people. It was my own daily parade. On Saturdays I would ride around and visit garage sales and catch FSBOs in their yard. I became a fixture in my community riding around in my green Sebring convertible with my signs. Now “miraculously” Sellers just call me to list their houses. Funny how that works.

Now, to answer the second question. What do I mean by, “I will do everything to get your home sold?” This one is easy. This is an example of how I might answer some questions, along this line, coming from a potential Seller.

  • Seller: Broker Bryant, what are you going to do to get my house sold?
  • BB: Price
  • Seller: Broker Bryant, what kind of advertising do you do?
  • BB: Price
  • Seller: Broker Bryant, what do you do that is different than the other Realtor we talked to?
  • BB: Price
  • Seller: Broker Bryant, how did you sell so many houses this year?
  • BB: Price
  • Seller: Broker Bryant, how come you don’t advertise in the newspaper?
  • BB: Price
  • Seller: Broker Bryant, what happens if you don’t sell our house in 45 days?
  • BB: Price
  • Seller: Broker Bryant, how come we see your sold signs everywhere?
  • BB: Price
  • Seller: Broker Bryant, what do we do if we want to list with you today?
  • BB: Cost

So, there you have it folks, my secret marketing plan. Become an “expert” at pricing. I am sure other “Top Producers” will agree with me that pricing is the name of the game. Price, price, price. Nothing will sell a property quicker. Throw in being clean and easy to show and you can take that listing to the bank.

In summary, there are no shortcuts to being successful in Real Estate. Have a plan, write it down and work it. 12 years later you can sit around and answer the phone and decide who you want to work with. Even then, keep working your plan. Become an “expert” in your area on pricing and learn how to get Sellers to agree with you. A “sold” listing takes place at time of listing. If you have done your job properly the actual selling of the house is just a technicality.

Want to be an "overnight success" in Real Esate? Work your ………off!

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