Want to see my Butt…….on?

Hi there. As some of you may have noticed I have this new little button at the bottom of my blog articles.


The BIO for Bryant Tutas

Go ahead and cllcik on it…..I’ll wait. OK are you back? What did you think?

I starting using this for two reasons.

  • First, I really felt I needed a disclosure on my blog. I write a lot of stuff about my business practices and short sales and wanted to make sure that folks know that everything I write is MY OPINION.
  • Secondly, I wanted to get “My Stuff” out there. My footers were starting to get too long and I did not like the way they looked. And even though they were too long they still didn’t have all the information that I wanted to get out there. So now I have a new button.


The BIO for Bryant Tutas

I liked it so much I also wanted to put it in my email signature. But I had a problem. Gmail does not allow HTML or links in your signatures. Not sure why….but they don’t. So……I did some research and found www.WiseStamp.com WiseStamp is an incredibale FireFox Extension that allows you to create numerous email signatures that will automatically pop up in your email. It’s FREE and it’s AWESOME!!!

Check out my new Gmail signature:


Bryant Tutas
Tutas Towne Realty, Inc

You can add as many Social Network Icons as you like. Just click on the ones you want and add the link. It couldnt be any easier.
There you have it. Hope you like it. Do you?


The BIO for Bryant Tutas

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