What do Buyers think of a Buyer’s Broker Agreement.

407-873-2747I wrote a post on Buyer Broker’s Agreements a while back and lo and behold, the consumer showed up. Here are the comments that a Buyer left on my post. So this is just a reminder to be careful what you say and write. Unless it is a “Members Only” post the consumer can and will find it and read it. So don’t get caught with your pants down. Also, I thought his comments from a consumer’s perspective were excellent and sad. So read away. His comments are not edited in any way.


I read your post concerning BBA’s and I am in total agreement; and I’m a BUYER, not an agent. However, allow me to share why I find myself forced to consider carefully the terms and length of the agreement. I am a buyer who recently sold his house and am looking for a house to enjoy my retirement and will pay cash. You’d think agents would recognize the opportunity, but that’s not been my experience on multiple occasions. I had all the conversations, submitted my financials as a show of good faith that I do, in fact, have the cash, and thought I found an agent who would actually get up off his butt and work. Nothing was further from the truth……search was limited to emailing MLS listings……no response to an questions and requests for add’l information…..nadda….zilch. After a while I “fired” him and moved on. I contacted another agent and went through the same scenerio……only this one did less. You guessed it; “fired” her as well.

I thought I’d change my approach and contacted an exclusive buyer’s agent. His services include driving around and use of the MLS. Oh, he would consider knocking on the door of a FSBO if I insisted and, get this, would *possibly* help me sell my house if I chose to do so down the road…..*IF* I turned out to be a quality person of considerable character; otherwise, I, as he put it “Wouldn’t get his help at all”! I sent him a polite email declining his services but he keeps emailing me saying he, as he put it in the last one, “Can do everything but walk on water”. Now, before anyone asked what rock I found these people under, let me assure you each one has the “alphabet letters” after their name because I thought that would indicate professional service……wrong.

If it were not for the fact these experiences are in more than one state and more than one city, I’d say I just had a run of bad luck or I’m a poor judge of competency.

So, buyer’s agreements are great, IF you, as the agent, actually fulfill your end of the deal. Please make sure you do and don’t waste a qualified buyer’s time and money.

From this point forward, any buyer’s agent has to prove themselves FIRST before whipping out an agreement. In the meantime I’m going to milk as much information as possible from all the agents who “talk the talk” and then see what I come up with and who will represent me. You, as agents, have to watch out for your best interests; please allow me the same courtesy. Appreciate the opportunity to share my experience


What say you?

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