Whining and dining at the Pharisee Cafe!

Cheers!!!Hi folks. Last weekend, TLW and I, went out to eat at a quaint little diner in Lake Wales Florida called the Pharisee Cafe. This place is great. It serves up fish, unleavened bread, chafed wheat and never ending whine. Their specialty is their triple layer judgment cake. It’s to die for!!! 

Our waitress, Christy, was the cutest little thing. He came from a little town back west called Brokeback Mountain. 

TLW and I ordered our fish and bread and then asked for some ice tea. Christy, with his cute little lisp, asked if we wanted some lemon with our tea. Me, being a little hard of hearing, thought he called me a lemming. Irately, I grabbed Christy by his blouse and confronted him fist first. 

I threw him into the fiery pit and cast brimstones at him. TLW, furiously started emptying all the salt shakers upon his head while screaming “Take that you slithering snake!!!”. 

All of a sudden the door to the Pharisee Café flew open as Sergeant Belleview came sauntering in waiving his pointed baton. He grabbed Christy and symbolically threw him to the pavement in front of the shocked but silent majority. 

Christy, stunned and with a look of innocence on his face shouted out as if standing on the mountain top “I didn’t do anything why are you martyring me?!?” 

Sergeant Belleview with a stern voice said, “Christy, you may not have done anything this time but we have an entire book full of your transgressions. My suggestion is to have that forked tongue looked at before we place you in lock down for all eternity”. 

As Sergeant Belleview led Christy away TLW and I looked at each other and said simultaneously, “Wanta go to the Olive Garden?” THE END

***Co-authored by TLW.

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