Who’ll stop the Rain?


Moderators, moderators!

Feature my post,

Even though it's just crap

Or only a joke.


Carnac's predictions….

Gave "Rainies" to painies.

So quit your complaining

Or be a bird brainie?


So, don't get pet peeved

Over a comment we leave

A post we conceived

Or one just for tease.


If intimidation's your fear

Visit the "Codgers" my dear.

Where you never hear whines

And the coffee's real fine.


So live and let live

In the Rain we adore.

The more that you give

The less you‘ll be bored.


For all there are posts

So read what you like most

It might take you awhile

So pull up a chair

And put on a smile.


Don't forget why we're here

Sometimes it's not clear.

To make friends who are dear

And for business we cherish

So keep positive my friends

Or AR will perish.

There you have it. My little poem(?) for today. Hope you enjoyed it.


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