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Folks, if you want to read about real estate today you'll have to pay TLW a visit. We decided to switch positions today. She decided to write about real estate and I decided to write about CRAP! So here are 10 things that have changed in my life… that I'm 50.

1. While grocery shopping, I check to see what size "Depends" come in. Just in case.

2. I have sex on Tuesdays instead of on the kitchen table.

3. I wear my glasses to see instead of to look cool.

4. I actually read my AARP magazine instead of just looking at the pictures.

5. When I'm in the bathroom for more than 15 minutes it's because I'm still going instead of………..:)

6. When I sing "I can't drive 55" I really mean it.

7. I used to stand up straight….now I take Viagra.

8. I used to be an athlete now I dress like a woman on Fridays.

9. I used to drink Jack Daniels on the rocks….now I drink Geritol on the sly.

10. I used to be a Dead Head….now I just have a dead head.

And last but not least….I used to be a "boob man"….now I'm a man with boobs.

Post #308…..Getting old sucks! BB….WOOF!

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