Zillow, zillow fee fillow fee fi fo fillow……….zillow!

Since this sounds like the song of the week, I thought I would do a little research on my listings, using Zillow as a comparison. First, I don’t give a hoot about Zillow. It doesn’t affect my business at all. The one thing Zillow can never have is personality. So unless they figure out how to accomplish this, I am safe. So, just for fun’s sake, here is list of my listings with my “expert market opinion” and Zillow’s zestimate. Actually, as you will see, they did a pretty good job in my market. It probably helps that most of the homes, in my market, are very similar in style. So here goes:

My Price        Zestimate       Difference

$143,000       $143,854        $    854

$205,000       $213,790        $  8,790

$220,000       $222,492        $  2,492

$229,000       $233,513        $  4,513

$245,000       $248,484        $  3,484

$259,000       $246,234        $ 12,766-

$179,000       $161,558        $ 17,442-

$185,000       $181,525        $   3,475-

$195,000       $172,031        $ 22,969-

$249,000       $225,741        $ 23,259-

$259,000       $238,741        $ 20,259-

So maybe I do need to list at the Zillow estimate. According to Zillow 6 of my listings are overpriced! I think I will go back to my Sellers next week and use Zillow to get some price reductions. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. And I’m going to sing all the way……….Zillow, zillow fee fillow fee fi fo fillow……… zillow!

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