Broker Bryant’s 200th post!!!

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 I would have never imagined back on July 7th 2006, when I wrote my first blog post, that someday I would be writing my 200th. But here it is, number 200. I've been trying to think of something earth shattering to write about today but it just ain't happening. But you know, that's OK. My plan since day one on ActiveRain has just been to do the best I can and to try and share as much as I can.

I'm by no means the smartest REALTOR® or the best REALTOR® but I have always applied common sense and a good work ethic to my business. And I've done the same with my approach to blogging on ActiveRain. I think I've been pretty consistent with my posts. I write about what I know and I write in simple language so everyone can understand. I don't do negative, so all of my posts have had a positive theme to them. I hope I've helped some folks with their business and I hope I have given the consumer a reason to want to work with me.

I know I've made some friends along the way and I've probably made some enemies, as well. But that's OK too. One thing I have learned in life is that you can't control what other people think about you or how they react to you. All you can really do is strive to be the best that you can be and always keep moving forward.

When I joined ActiveRain I was approximately the 600th member. At that time there may have been about 40 or 50 of us that were blogging and it was a pretty tight group of folks. We had a lot fun. I never imagined there would be over 16,000 members eight months later. Things have changed quite a bit since then. But that's OK. Change is good. Embrace it.

One thing that hasn't changed is my style. I try to instill a little seriousness, a little knowledge and a little humor, in everything I write. It's not really a conscious effort but more a reflection of how I am and how I live my life. Some folks like it and some folks don't. But again, there's nothing I can do about that. I am who I am, for better or for worse. I don't believe in putting on airs. With me, what you see is what you get. I truly hope that I have inspired someone or helped someone be better at their job.

The purpose of this post is to thank everyone that has supported me by reading and commenting on my posts. It does make a difference. Knowing folks are reading gives me an incentive to keep at it. I'm looking forward to my next 200 posts and hope that you are too. I hope I can continue to give you useful information. I hope I can make you think and I hope I can make you smile, every now and then. So cheers to all of you!!!

What better time to share with you, than now, the many faces of Broker Bryant. Enjoy!!!









"Codger" Broker Bryant        "Turner" Brokr Bryant          "Pooh" Broker Bryant 

By: Jay Merton                              Craig Schiller                             Nick M.









"Frightening" Broker Bryant    "Bubba" Broker Bryant             "Robo" Broker Bryant

By: Me                                                  Me                                                 Nick M.

And the all time favorite. You can "depend" on Broker Bryant by Craig Schiller

"Hello, Broker Bryant, How can I help you?"

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Hey, are you guys getting lots of consumer calls off of ActiveRain? I am. And not just folks wanting to hire me but folks from around the country calling just to pick my brain or ask for advice. And not just consumers but REALTORS® too.

Over the last few weeks I have been receiving calls just about every day. Today, I received two. One from a consumer down in South Florida asking me questions about the difference between Transaction Brokerage and Single Agency and one from a REALTOR® (not a member) in another part of the Country, asking me about Buyers getting cash back at closing by inflating the purchase price.

I've also had numerous calls asking about mortgage fraud, range pricing, sub prime lending, short sales, agency and a bunch of other stuff.

This is not even counting the daily Emails I get from REALTORS® around the country wanting a copy of my expired letter or just picking my brain about taking listings, negotiating deals etc. Some are members of ActiveRain and some aren't.

I must say, I'm really enjoying it. It's good to know folks are reading my Blog and it's good to know they are interested in what I am saying. I always try to find out where they got my number and mostly it's from doing a Google search or from reading ActiveRain. If you weren't sure if the consumers are reading, well, I can assure you they are. They are visiting ActiveRain in force and are reading, learning and seeing how we, as professionals, conduct ourselves.

So folks, put your best foot forward. Write about what you know and don't be hesitant to voice your opinion or write about difficult issues. The consumer wants to know. They are very interested in what we have to say and the guys behind ActiveRain have given us an awesome opportunity to express ourselves. I, for one, plan on taking advantage of it. How about you?

Roving Reporter Broker Bryant Reports from Orlando!

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Good morning fellow Rainers! This is roving reporter Broker Bryant reporting form the ActiveRain Orlando gathering. Folks, this was an EXCELLENT event. Caleb, Matt and his lovely wife Lydia were in attendance and I have to say, very, very nice people. I’ve spoken with all of them on the phone several times but to get an opportunity to meet them face to face was really a pleasure. All three are several years younger than my children but they really have it together. Smart, personable and just all around nice folks.

Also at the party were: Cyndee Haydon and her “Flat” Jack. Nick “Duh” Appraiser. Ted Baker. Robert Schwabe. Neal Bloom. Mathew Blum. Leah Ross. Ruth and Jim Jacobs. David Albernathy. Rick and Ines Garcia. Midori Miller. Albert Terwilliger. Lysa Napolitano. Peggy Edwards. Chris Elizabeth Griffith. Colleen Kulikowski. TLW. Broker Bryant.

So folks, without further ado. Here are the uncut, uncensored videos. I hope you enjoy them.

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Dual Agency. Less loyalty. More pay!

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OK, first let's get the important thing out of the way. WE HAVE NO FRIDAY FUNNY VIDEO TODAY! Sorry folks. I've been a very busy Broker this week and have not had time to get my head around doing a video. My bad. We WILL be back next week though.

Now, if you still feel like reading my post today, here goes. This is a follow up to the post I wrote on Wednesday, "Double Sided Transaction Should Require Hazard Pay". I wrote that post to stir up a conversation on Dual Agency. The post is OK. The comments are great. We had a really good discussion on how to handle double sided transactions and whether or not we liked doing them. The responses were varied. My personal opinion is I do not like being involved in a double sided transaction. It makes me uncomfortable. And I'm not even an agent! In Florida, dual agency is illegal and I choose to work as a transaction broker(no agency).

Anyway, one of the commenters, John S. asked this question:

Let's say I am the seller and I hired you to represent me in this situation. Now you come in with your own buyer who is ready to buy.

Do you ask me, or do you tell me, that you are going to be doing a dual agency deal? I assume as the Sller, I would be able to veto it because we already have a contract for you to represent only me, right? What happens if I don't agree to let you represent both sides? If agreement from the Seller is not required, I'd say that's a system that is broken.

John S. is a consumer. He has been reading and commenting on my blog for months now and always has good insight. So his is a direct consumer question and a valid one. What is your answer if and when your Seller ask you this?

Also, If I were a Seller, who hired you as a single agent, to list my house and then you came to me wanting to switch over to a dual agent, which reduces your loyalty position to me, why should I agree to it? And I if did, are you going to lower your commission to compensate me for putting me in this position? I want to sell my house and I hired you to be my agent. That was our agreement. Why are you now asking to change it? Is it just so you can get a larger commission? Where's my benefit as the consumer? Or is dual agency really all about the agent?

Now folks, I know why we do double sided transactions and I know how to do dual agency. What I want to know is what is the benefit to the consumer? How we are protecting the public by allowing dual agency? Isn't protecting the public the reason we are REALTORS(R)? Without us they are screwed….right?

If I were the consumer my answer would be…"No, I do not want you to be a dual agent." As an agent, convince me, the consumer, otherwise. Go ahead. I'm waiting.

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Ride the blogging wave. Be compliant and don’t get wiped out!

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 Hi folks, this is a follow up to my last post, Posh'd Oh my gosh! Does that make me an "Expert"? In that post I wrote this:

  • "What if NAR or your State's Real Estate Board, decided tomorrow, to clamp down on all the ethical and legal violations that abound in blogdom? And believe me they do abound. I have visited many blog sites and for the life of me I can't even tell who they belong to. No company name, no licensee name, no contact numbers, nothing that even gives a hint that the owner of the site is a licensed REALTOR®. Those sites could be shut down overnight. Licenses could be revoked. All the hard work and SEO "thingies" would be worthless in a matter of minutes."

Brian Brady wrote in his recent post, Blogger: Be afraid of the big, bad Broker(or Bank), the following statement:

  • "Large real estate brokers and banks will severely curb the weblogging efforts of the individual sales agents in the name of "compliance". In short, the behemoths will say that they can not adequately protect the consumer from the unsupervised local messages being offered by its sales agents. That, will be bunk."

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from a REALTOR® who had left a comment on one of my posts. She was asking me to go in and delete it. According to her, her Broker had told her to go back and delete every comment she had made on any one's blog and also prohibited her from blogging. As Brian mentioned in his above statement this REALTOR® works for one of the large National brokerages.

My first reaction was "I think you need to find another Broker." This has been on my mind ever since. As a Broker myself, I am responsible for my agent's actions. It is my legal obligation to make sure all of their advertising is compliant. If I had dozens or even hundreds of agents working under my license would I want them blogging? If I'm honest with myself my answer would be a strong NO! Unless, everything they wrote and posted was approved by me.

Now reread the excerpt from my post up top. How many of you have visited blog sites where there was NO indication that the writer was a REALTOR®? Well I have seen many. In fact if I didn't know better I would think the authors of some of these sites were puppets, dogs, cats, fruits, vegetables and an assortment of other non-human "thingies".

If I had agents' licenses under me, with sites like these, I would be placing my license and my business in jeopardy.

If you are a REALTOR® you have a Code of Ethics that you must abide by. Here are a few applicable codes for you:

Article 12

  • REALTORS® shall be careful at all times to present a true picture in their advertising and representations to the public. REALTORS® shall also ensure that their professional status (e.g., broker, appraiser, property manager, etc.) or status as REALTORS® is clearly identifiable in any such advertising. (Amended 1/93)

Standard of Practice 12-5

  • REALTORS® shall not advertise nor permit any person employed by or affiliated with them to advertise listed property in any medium (e.g., electronically, print, radio, television, etc.) without disclosing the name of that REALTOR®'s firm in a reasonable and readily apparent manner. (Adopted 11/86, Amended 1/07)

Standard of Practice 12-9

  • REALTOR® firm websites shall disclose the firm's name and state(s) of licensure in a reasonable and readily apparent manner.

    Websites of REALTORS® and non-member licensees affiliated with a REALTOR® firm shall disclose the firm's name and that REALTOR®'s or non-member licensee's state(s) of licensure in a reasonable and readily apparent manner. (Adopted 1/07)

So my question is, if you were a Broker would you let your agents blog and if you did, how would you monitor their activity? Is it be bunk? Or is it prudent?

Blatant self promotion!!

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Hi folks. I was just sitting here today going over some of the consumer responses I have had from blogging. As you know, most of my posts are geared towards my peers BUT I do make sure they have good information for the consumer as well. It’s been my experience that the consumer likes to see how we interact with each other.

I don’t make a distinction between Localism and ActiveRain posts. Whatever I write usually goes to both places, including this one. For me it works. Anyway here are some of the responses I have had. There are many more but I won’t bore you with them. I just wanted to maybe show some of the newer folks that this place does work. Just be yourself.

  • “First I want to tell you I appreciate your honest approach. I need your help to sell my Poinciana house.
  • “We need someone local this this time in Poinciana. I have poured over your website and am very impressed and encouraged by your approach, honesty and sense of humor as well. Although I must admit I’m starting to lose mine.”
  • “Thank you so much for your reply….and so quickly! It is so nice to find someone who is truly interested in helping people with good information and good resources. I will absolutely call them. And thank you again.”
  • “Just wanted to say thanks for a couple nice presentations on our house, For the first time we feel we have someone that is working for us to sell. The bathroom project is all but completed, just have to put the base boards in and it’s a done deal. That wallpaper steamer did the trick. I read your blog last week. It was perfect timing for a lift me up during these hard times for the realty business. All of the reply’s were positive and upbeat. First time we’ve heard “when the going gets tough the tough get going” attitude in some time. We understand how difficult it will be to get a sale, but at the same time we are comfortable and confident that your efforts will pay off.”

OK, so maybe this IS a blatant attempt at self promotion. But hey I’m a Real Estate Broker what do you expect!!

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Buying foreclosures in Poinciana Fl.

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Hi folks. How often have you had Buyers call you wanting to buy a foreclosure? Usually, when this happens to me it's first time homebuyers who are really just looking for a "deal". Of course many times they also have no money.

When this happens I spend time with them on the phone explaining how difficult it is to purchase a foreclosed property. Not only is it difficult but if it's a "good deal" you are going to need to have strong finances to even have a shot at getting it. Investors buy the "good deals" and they play with cash.

Foreclosures can be a good opportunity to purchase a property below market value but they really aren't for the inexperienced Buyer. If you have no money and need the Seller to pay all of your closing costs, then more than likely, you will NOT get a "good deal" in the foreclosure market. It can be done but you will certainly want to work with an experienced agent and you will want to make sure you have been approved for a mortgage before shopping.

You will also have to move fast. The property will be sold "As Is" with right to inspect. You will want to have it inspected and be prepared to walk away if you are not in a position to pay for repairs. You will not be reimbursed for inspection costs if you don‘t close on it.

Janet Guilbault wrote a post earlier this week about one of the pitfalls of purchasing a foreclosure, the dreaded per diem penalty!!! Unlike a normal purchase, if the closing is delayed the Buyer will be required to pay a penalty for every day the deal doesn't close beyond the contractual closing date. This is usually $100 to $200 per day! And if you can't close it at all……kiss your deposit good bye.

I wrote an offer on a foreclosure property this week for one of my Buyers. The nine page bank addendum, in addition to the per diem clause, also had this little gem in it:





This clause basically states that the Seller can back out of the contract at anytime prior to closing for any reason at all. They will give the deposit back but may or may not reimburse the Buyer for any costs they have paid i.e inspections, survey and appraisal.

The Buyer is obligated to perform under the contract the Seller isn't.

We removed this clause when we made the offer but the Bank refused to negotiate with us if we made any changes on their addendum. So we put it back in and agreed to it.

Fortunately, my Buyer is very experienced, is paying cash and is willing to take the risk to purchase a property 20% below market value. We can only hope that the Bank doesn't find a better deal before my Buyer has a chance to close. We want to close in 10 days to limit the risk. So we'll see how it turns out.

The point of this post is to be very careful when negotiating on Bank owned properties(REOs). Make sure to read every word of that Bank addendum and make sure your Buyer fully understands what rights they are giving up.

Buying foreclosures can be a good way to get a "deal". Just make sure you know what you are getting into. They are not for the inexperienced. In my market you do not have to buy a foreclosure to get a "good deal". There are better and safer ways to buy Real Estate. Find a good and experienced REALTOR® to help you out. Better yet……call Broker Bryant! Any thoughts?

Sell Poinciana Real Estate Poinciana Real Estate Poinciana Real Estate Poinciana Real Estate Agent

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Seller Participation Market Analysis.

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Hi folks. I had a couple of listing appointments today and thought I would try a new approach. I decided to do the market analysis at the house in front of the potential Sellers. What I noticed was that the Sellers were much more receptive to what I was telling them about price. It's difficult to dispute hard cold data.

What I did was…after we toured the property, and had our talk, I whipped out my laptop and logged into the MLS. Then I entered their property details and pulled up the Active listings. At my first appointment there were 569 listings that showed up!!! The Seller's jaw dropped at the amount of competition he had for his property.

He could see how low the listing prices were. It was pretty dramatic.

Secondly, I pulled up the sold listings and had the Seller pick the ones that he thought were most similar to his property, not based on sold price but based on features. Then I hit the statistics button to see what the average selling prices were. Another jaw drop!!!

Then, I pretended I was a Buyer's Agent, searching for properties to show my Buyer. My goal was to make a short list of 10 properties that I would show.

Once I had this list on my screen I simply turned my computer screen around and told the Seller "This is where you property needs to be if you want Buyers to look at it".

This entire process took about 15 minutes and I have to say, it was very, very effective!!!

I think I'll call this my "Seller Participation Market Analysis".

What do you think? Is this something that will work for you?

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Poinciana Short Sale….. For Sale.

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Folks, this could be the one! Over 1500 sq ft living area and good as new. Only…..$115,000!

Folks this is a great opportunity to own a 4 bedroom home in Poinciana for a reasonable price. The house is in very good condition. This is a short sale and will require minimum 60 days to close. Seller will contribute towards your closing cost if the price is right. Ceiling fans in all rooms. Tile flooring through out. *****Listing price may not be sufficient to cover all encumbrances, closing costs, or other seller charges and sale of Property at full listing price may be conditioned upon approval of third parties.  


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Lake Wales Florida Pool Home For Sale

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Folks are you looking for your own little piece of Florida paradise? If so this could be the one. Immaculate 3 bedroom pool home on a half acre lot. Extensive landscaping. Extended driveway and separate detached garage/work shop. Very private subdivision. Privacy abounds in this very small and private subdivision near Cherry Pocket. More than 1/2 acre of lush landscaping. Solar heated in ground pool.



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