Call Broker Bryant 407-873-2747Hi folks. Here's a little tip for you that may help you in your business. This post was inspired by Jennifer Kirby's post "What Sellers Really Want is to be Lied to…" and several others I have recently read.

Jennifer's post was about being "brutally honest" with a potential Seller only to have them list with another REALTOR® that told the Seller "what they wanted to hear" instead of "what they needed to hear". Go read Jennifer's well deserved featured post.

Anyway, if you are a listing Broker and you are being truthful with Sellers, you WILL lose listings on pricing or hopefully, you will pass on them, due to pricing. REALTORS®, that specialize in listings and are good at it, rarely take over priced listings. We have to say "no" quite frequently.

However, it doesn't mean the Sellers won't come back to us after their "tell them what they want to hear" REALTOR® fails. And they will fail, more times than not.

So this is what I do. If I meet with a Seller and we cannot agree on pricing I move on. Sometimes it's my choice and sometimes I just notice they have listed with someone else. Either way, I enter their details into my data base so I can stay in touch with them.

The first thing I do is send them a thank you card after our appointment. When I see their listing pop up in the MLS I call them. If I didn't know they were listing with someone else I ask them why they did. I want to know if there was something I did wrong or was it simply due to pricing. Whatever their response is I thank them and wish them luck. I also let them know that if I can help them in anyway, with real estate related matters, to please feel free to give me a call. I do this because I am "the go to guy" in Poinciana and I want them to feel free to contact me. It doesn't matter to me that they have listed with another REALTOR®. I'm not soliciting their business.

From that point on I stay in touch with them. They get emails from me with market updates or links to articles on my Blog. It's important to point out that I am not soliciting their business, I am just providing them information, as I do many people in Poinciana.

I also make sure that they receive all of my "just sold" post cards. My goal is to make them aware of the fact that I am actively listing and selling properties in Poinciana Fl.

Now folks, this may sound like I am crossing the "ethical line" but I can assure you I'm not. Our CoE does not prohibit aggressive real estate practices. Nor am I interfering with their current listing agreement. In fact, I don't ask for their business at all. I met them before they listed and I added them to my data base. That's all I've done. I am not required to delete folks from my data base just because they have hired another REALTOR®.

Usually, what happens is, they hear from me more than they hear from their own REALTOR®!! So of course, if their listing expires, and it will, they already know who their next REALTOR® will be. How simple is that?

If you're not doing this….you need to start. Just remember to NEVER talk bad about their REALTOR® and don't ask for their business. Just stay in touch. In due course, they will be calling you of their own free will and asking you to come over and list their property….at YOUR price.

This is one of the reasons I don't hesitate to walk away from an over priced listing. I'm really not walking away at all. I'm just letting them "test the market" on someone else's dime. Mister Lister can you spare a dime?

When they are truly ready to sell they will be back. And I'll be there for them.

So what do you think? Good idea?

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HomeGain, FSBOs, Idiots and "going it alone"!

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Want to "go it alone?"


Hi folks, you may have already read about HomeGain's new "Personal blooging network for real estate professionals" If not read this post by Brian Brady and this one by Greg Swann over at Bloodhoundblog.

This post is NOT about Homegain's new blogging platform. This post is about REALTORS® and their attitudes towards folks that choose to "go it alone". But there is a connection….so please bare with me.

Jeff Turner posted "For Sale By Owner: Raise the price then call a REALTOR®" a couple of days ago. Jeff's post was basically reposting a question that a FSBO had placed on Twitter. The question was: "Got a buyer for my condo. They want me to hold the mortgage. Any advice?"

Jeff's post was not only a Public post but it was also a Featured post. It received over 70 comments. The comments, from REALTORS® included statements such as:

  • ……this guy is seeking free advice? After he doesn't want to compensate a professional?
  • Never ceases to amaze me how people with little to no experience buying or selling houses seem to "wing it.
  • My advice to the seller's, don't reinvent the wheel, always deal with professionals.
  • …..just another example of an ignorant homeowner who thought they were doing themselves a favor and "saving" money.
  • This guy is a certified idiot.

Now, in all fairness, there were some pretty decent responses, as well, but in my opinion, the majority of the comments were just reprimanding this guy for not wanting to use a "professional". Folks, if you think those PUBLIC comments make you look like professionals then you are sadly mistaken. Whether this FSBO made a good choice, or not, he was really just asking for some advice. If you don't want to give him any….then don't.

But make no mistake about it….him choosing to "go it alone" does not make him an idiot! One commenter summed it up nicely with this comment: "All sellers have four choices, don't sell it, sell it yourself, list with any old Realtor, or hire an experienced one." The key word of course being CHOICES. It's the Seller's choice…not ours. If you want to try and win their business then have it…but demeaning their decision to "go it alone" will only accomplish making yourself look foolish. Not to mention the damage it does to our profession's reputation.

Anyway, I was reading the comments over on Greg Swann's post, about HomeGain and it hit me, Louis Cammarosano, trying to sell Homegain's blogging platform, sounded like a REALTOR® should sound when pitching their services to a FSBO.

Louis was debating with a couple of guys who thought "going it alone" was best. Here are a few snippets of what Louis had to say over at Bloodhoundblog: (The added parenthesis and CAP text are mine)

  • The decision to use homegain(A REALTOR®) is based on whether the agent(SELLER) would rather spend money with homegain(A REALTOR) to get results(BUYERS) or time on his own trying to generate results by himself. Obviously, if you enjoy building your own seo(MARKETING) prowess, developing your own blog, selecting key words etc and are successful at it, then HomeGain(A REALTOR®) perhaps is not for you. If you want a marketing partner that gets results and is cost effective, then checkout HomeGain(A REALTOR®.
  • Homegain(A REALTOR®) does what most individual realtors(SELLERS) can't do themselves; i.e. garner thousands of visits a day based on brand name alone, aggregate hundreds of partners to send traffic to, manage millions of key words on Google, MSN and Yahoo to send visitors(FIND BUYERS) and build solid SEO(MARKETING) based on years of site history and content.
  • I think, however, its a tad ambitious to suggest that one day we will have a nation of individual realtors(SELLERS) all acting as sole proprietors handling every aspect of their businesses(TRANSACTIONS) with no third party help. You are correct, however, with the new tools today if one wants to give it a try, they can do it. If they want a little help, HomeGain(A REALTOR®) is there!"

Now folks, who would have a better chance of winning the business? The REALTORS® on Jeff's post or Louis?

There is now help for Florida homeowners!

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Yikes!! Best call me407-873-2747

Hi folks. Here’s an update on the foreclosure situation in Florida. I read an article earlier today on our Florida Association of Realtors website stating that Florida has 77,000 homeowners in foreclosure!!! This is second only to California.  

I also spoke to a loss mitigation negotiator at Countrywide yesterday who mentioned Countrywide, or I guess Bank of America now, has 76% of the Nation’s foreclosures and that they are expecting this number to increase in August when ARMs (adjustable rate mortgages) are set to adjust again. EDIT:< Is this figure accurate? I don’t know but it does line up with what I am seeing in my particular market, Poinciana FL.>

Then there was a report recently on channel 9 in Lakeland that mentioned one in every seven homes (15%) in Poinciana FL. was in some stage of foreclosure.  

My last Poinciana market report, for the first half of 2008, showed that 70% of the homes that have sold this year were either REOs (banked owned) or Short Sales (pre-foreclosures). It also showed that values in Poinciana are down 48% since late 2006. 

So folks, it is evident that we are in this mess for quite a while. BUT…..there is some help available if you are struggling with keeping your home. 10,000 Attorneys, throughout the State of Florida, have now partnered with Florida Legal Services to provide free legal services as part of an effort to keep Florida homeowners in their homes. Here’s what I read today: 

  • “Florida Legal Services and the Florida Bar Association have partnered in establishing a toll-free hotline – (866) 607-2187 – that consumers can call. They’ll be asked a few initial questions about their situation to ensure accurate placement, and then be sent to a free attorney. The attorney will then negotiate with the lender on behalf of the client to keep the home from being foreclosed.” 

I have not called them yet but will early next week to see what additional information I can get. I will be posting it here on my blog so…….ya’ll come back now, ya here!!!! How cool is that?


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Looking at the past to predict the future.

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I wrote this article in July of 2006. In light of where we are at today I’d say my concerns were valid.


No money? No problem.

Someone's dream gone bad

Negotiated a deal on one of my listings yesterday. The Buyer is purchasing using 100% financing with the Seller paying closing costs. My market is affordable housing with the majority of homes priced from $190s to $250s and it seems like most of the Buyers lately have been purchasing with no money down.

Now don’t get me wrong I am in favor of home ownership for everyone but I fear a lot of the Buyers are going to have financial difficulties in the near future. With high insurance costs, property taxes and mortgage payments I am seeing payments of close to $2,000 per month for a starter home. That’s a pretty big nut to crack every month, in my area, where most families are regular working class people and don’t have any reserve funds if they should encounter a financial setback.

Also, a good number of these purchases are being made with ARMs with the Buyers basing their ability to pay on future raises at work or a part time job that they may or may not be getting. In my opinion Mortgage Brokers and Realtors are being overly aggressive in selling these folks on the advantages of home ownership without really taking the time to counsel the Buyers on the true costs involved. And since they don’t have to come up with any money at closing they are sitting ducks for Mortgage Brokers who are charging them sometimes outrageous fees for doing these types of loans.

So my challenge to REALTORS(R) who are dealing with first time Home buyers, with a little or no money down, is to really take the time to explain the pros and cons of purchasing a home. If the Buyers are fully informed and are wanting to move forward then help them to negotiate fees or guide them to the myriad of programs available that can help them with financial assistance. Placing a Buyer in a home he can’t afford can damage them for years. It can cause bankruptcies, divorces and even illnesses. So let’s “Protect the public” it’s what REALTORS(R) are supposed to do.

ASK THE BROKER…..What Is 3rd Party Approval?

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Florida Real Estate Broker 407-873-2747Hi Broker Bryant, 

Thank you for the sample short sale submission letter, I found it to be very helpful. I am currently closing on a short sale and picking up a couple more tomorrow. 

I have a couple of questions …. You stated… “Just remember, you are submitting a fully signed and accepted contract and asking the lender to remove the 3rd party approval. You are not asking them to accept the offer. The lender is not a party to the contract.” 

My questions are: 

1. What is the 3rd party approval on a short sale purchase agreement?

2. Why is the lender not a party to the contract when the sellers need the banks approval to pass clear title? 

Hi there, 

A purchase contract is between the buyer and the owner of the property. Unless the property has already been foreclosed on then the lender is not the owner of the property. They have a lien on the property. No different than if there were an equity line or tax lien on the property. The mortgage is a lien that has to be cleared off at time of closing. 

BUT since there will not be enough money left over at closing, to pay the lien in full, the owner of the property is asking the lien holder (lender) to accept less than what is owed (short) and remove the lien so they can provide the buyer clear title. This is a contingency (3rd party) in the contract. Simply put, the lender (lien holder) is a 3rd party who has to agree to accept less money, remove the lien and allow the transaction to close.

If you have a question for the Broker CLICK HERE.






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*****I am NOT an attorney and this is not legal advice. I am also a Florida Broker and I’m basing my opinion on Florida laws. Please check with your own State’s laws and get legal advice from an attorney in your state. This response is my opinion only.*****


Free Teleconference on "The Art Of Preparing The Persuasive CMA"

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Sell with Soul! Jennifer AllanOK folks. This Saturday is a HUGE day for me. I am participating in my very first teleconference webinar thingie ma giggy!!! My friend Jennifer Allan the author of Sell with Soul sent me an email a few weeks ago and invited me to be a participant. She is soooooooo good looking (just like me) so how could I possibly say no? I couldn’t.

I have to say I’m a little nervous. I have 15 to 20 minutes to talk about preparing a persuasive CMA. Heck….it doesn’t even take me that long to prepare one!!! BUT……I think I have managed to come up with some ideas that may help you in persuading your potential seller to not only list with you but to price their property correctly. Anyway………here are the details provided by Jennifer.

Join us on Saturday, February 7th at 8:30 am (Pacific) / 11:30 am (Eastern) for a teleconference panel discussion with me, Broker Bryant Tutas, Borino & Katerina Gasset – four very different personalities, four very different approaches to the Art of the CMA. Each of will have 15-20 minutes to spill our beans, and then take questions from the audience. We expect the conference will last 90 minutes or so.

The cost? It’s FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Actually, we’ll be giving away some cool prizes, so you might actually come away from the show a little bit richer! And certainly wiser…

How does it work? You have to register, and once you do, you’ll get the details on how to tune-in to the conference.  You can listen online or over the phone line.

Hope to see you there!!!

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Holiday Homes with Pool Near Disney World

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Beautiful 5 Bedroom, 3 bath home with screen enclosed, in ground and heated pool. Ceramic tile floors in all wet areas. Kitchen with breakfast bar opens to family room.  Separate formal living room. Privacy fenced back yard. The home is being offered fully furnished with short term rental licensing and bookings in place. Turn key holiday home located 10 minutes to the Disney area less than 1/4 mile south of I-4 on HWY 27 in Davenport. Sunset Ridge is a quaint gated community right down the street from restaurants and shops. Don’t miss  this one! Call today to arrange your private tour.



Beautiful vacation home in Southern Dunes Country Club. World class golf course, tennis courts, club house all in a gated community about 25 minutes to the Disney Area. Furnished, licensed and ready for short term rentals. The homes features a very open floor plan with eat in kitchen and inside laundry room. The pool are has a covered lanai and the pool is screened and heated with a privacy wall in the rear and down one side. Perfect for a Florida Holiday home or primary residence. Don’t miss this one. This is a ‘Short Sale”. Listing price may not be sufficient to cover all encumbrances, closing costs, or other seller charges and sale of Property at full listing price may be conditioned upon approval of third parties






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Defining Your Unique Value Proposition

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Polly want a cracker?Hi folks. OK so Wendy and me are now “Official Short Sale Instructors.” Even though we are instructing we are also learning. We are learning how to work together and how to market our new business. With any new business venture one of the first things you want to define is your “Unique Value Proposition”.

Your Unique Value Proposition is:

Clearly identifying how your products and services are different from your competition.

Basically, you have to know what sets you apart from your competition. Whether you are selling houses, Webinars or widgets, if you don’t have something unique to sell, you will struggle. You will get lost in the mix of ordinary.

And…’s NOT necessarily the product that has to be unique. It could be the marketing (Think Geico). It could be the delivery (NetFlix). Or, of course, it could very well the product (Swiss Army Knife) .

Whatever business you are in you MUST be able to answer the question……

“Why should your ideal customer purchase from you rather than from anybody else?”

On our quest to answer this question, Wendy and I keep getting back to this answer….

  • We are both full-time, working Brokers who list and sell short sales, all day, every day.

So what is YOUR Unique Value Proposition? Do you know?




“I’ve completed lots of training but feel yours was most valuable in your method of approach and delivery. The dialogue made it feel like I was in an actual brick and mortar classroom with real live scenario.” Wendy Weber, Realtor, Scottsdale, AZ

“Your webinar was very impressive and informative. I feel that it didn’t come across as a lecture, but good and clear conversation. The short sale is a very complex process, but you have made it much clearer and there was a lot of useful information.” Richard Barton Real Estate Investor

“I am really glad you guys are doing this, I was looking for a class taught by practicing real estate brokers.“  Jana Hristova

“I enjoyed the SS session 1 yesterday and look forward to the next 4. After Wendy’s comment about the lame duck DOD HAP program yesterday I decided to blast my Congressman and 2 Senators an email blasting DODs inaction as a Citizen, Veteran and Realtor serving military clients.” Don Duft, REALTOR®

“I just wanted to thank you again and let you know that you and Wendy did a fabulous job!  I’m really looking forward to the next one.” Debe Maxwell, Realtor®/Broker

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The beginning of the end was quite evident….if we listened.

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The beginning of the end.

Hi folks. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that we are 3 years into this drastic market decline. I was reading through some of my older articles this morning and found this one written in late 2006.

Real Estate is about people, not money! Part 2

Today I met with another pre-foreclosure Seller. I sure am getting a lot of these lately. Anyway, I spoke with this gentleman yesterday and could tell he was really stressed out. Life had dealt him a bad hand this year, health wise, and he has found himself disabled and unable to make mortgage payments. In fact, he hasn’t made any for 5 months. His wife has just started back to work, so they are now in a position to start making payments, again. So that’s a good thing.

I’m writing this post to bring to your attention “predatory lenders” and how they prey on good people’s misfortunes. First, these folks have no other debt except their house, which has a mortgage balance of approximately $170,000, including missed payments and a prepayment penalty. Fortunately, the Lender has not started foreclosure proceedings and have not tacked on Attorney fees……yet.

When I walked in today, the first thing the Seller started telling me, was how he was working with a different Lender, to see about refinancing his house, to “help” him out and how they should have an answer for him in 3 weeks. With this is mind, he only wanted me to list the house for 3 weeks, if I could sell it before the loan came through then good, if not he would take the loan being offered. Well needless to say this did not appeal to me and my immediate thought was to just give this guy some quick info, politely bail out and leave. But I couldn’t do it. He was very stressed so I decided to get some more info from him and see if I could give him some advice.

Well to start, his house is only worth $245,000 to $250,000 max. It turns out, the lender that is willing to “help”, has told him that he can do a loan for 65% LTV based on an appraisal of $300,000! And will only charge him $10,000 in closing costs. Now if you do the math, it means the Seller will have a new loan balance of $195,000 and after paying closing costs MAY get a check for around $13,000. His current payment of $1,400, that he can’t afford, will go up to $1,500 (this is what the lender told him). Now what is wrong with this picture? Well first, how can a house appraise at $300,000 that is only worth $250,000 max? FRAUD. How can they quote him a payment of $1,500 on a high interest loan of $195,000? LIAR. How long will this Seller be able to make payments before he is in foreclosure again? SAD.

Now being the good little Realtor that I am, I pointed this stuff out to the Seller. I explained to him that they are ripping him off and if you take them up on their “help” you will be digging your hole deeper. I also explained to him that his current lender does not want to take the house back. I suggested, that if they are now in a position to start making payments, then they need to contact the current lender and negotiate a loan modification. Since he has no other debt and has a legitimate reason for his financial difficulties, there is a better than good chance, that they can work it out and keep their house. I could actually see the glimmer of hope come into their eyes. They have been buried in stress and have been getting letters from “sharks” everyday wanting to “help”. They did not know they had other options. They don’t want to move. They love their house and just want to get beyond the financial hardship.

So folks, it was a great listing appointment! I did give them some info on selling but really do not think they need or want to sell. I told them if things don’t work out with the bank, then give me a call. I will be there for them.

They both walked me out to my car. Mrs. Seller gave me a hug and asked me for a stack of business cards. And Mr. Seller was really excited and pumped, about having another option, instead of selling or refinancing.

Folks, I’ve said it before and I will say it again, “Real Estate it about people, not money” As Realtors and Lenders, we can make a difference in people’s lives. Make it your goal to listen and to give sound advise. I left this listing presentation with my sign in my car and a smile on my face. To me, that’s priceless!

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Bryant Tutas
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Short Sales for Foreign Owners. Do they make sense?

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Join Tutas Towne Realty, Inc

Hi folks. I received a very interesting email today. Here it is:


I’m English, live in China, and have NO USA contact except I own an investment home in Davenport. Loan is 220k, worth maybe mid-100’s. Do I walk (non-recourse…remember, I’m in China!) or short sell? Appreciate your advice..

Interesting question to say the least. And honestly I’m not sure how to respond. His question brought up a whole bunch of new questions in my head.

  •  What recourse would the lenders have on a foreign investor?
  •  How would it affect his credit? 
  •  Is there any advantage at all for a Foreign owner to go through the Short Sale process.

My market area is about 20 minutes to Disney and this issue is going to be coming up quite frequently.

Richard Zaretsky wrote a post last year about Short Sales and FIRPTA that you may find interesting as well.

Short Sales are not always straight forward transactions. It’s extremely important that we don’t use cookie cutter responses like “A short sale is far better than being foreclosed on”. Is it?

I need answers. Do you have any?

Available Short Sale Agent Training:

Bryant Tutas
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Are you a Florida REALTOR(R) looking for a change? Check it out.


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