Finally…..The Real Estate Market Is Normal!!!

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Yikes!!!!Hi folks, it seems like just yesterday that my business consisted mostly of listing properties for Mr. and Mrs. Regular Seller. I spent a lot of my time preparing print ads, brochures, virtual tours and making sure I got the properties disseminated throughout the Internet. When I wasn’t doing these things I was busy arranging showings, negotiating deals, talking with my Sellers and fielding Buyer calls. Life was good. I was busy helping folks move up or move on. It felt good to help and everyone I had contact with seemed to be in good cheer. 

Now those times are just a memory. The market has changed and so has my way of doing business. I jest with TLW in the mornings saying “I’m heading off to work to try and pull some money out of my &*%!” 

But, I have to say….. I LOVE this new market! It has taken me a while to find my groove and I have had a couple of setbacks BUT things are really starting to come together. My entire focus has shifted. My new focus is now Short Sales, REOs(Bank Owned), Buyers and expanding my business. 

Poinciana Florida Real Estate distressed Sellers and distressed properties make up over 80% of the closed transactions each month. To spend time and money looking for the very few Sellers that have equity and are able to sell makes no sense. 

In fact, let’s do the math, for the last 3 months there were 185 sales in Poinciana Florida. All but 36 were either REOs or Short Sales. 

How could I possibly stay in business if my focus was getting a part of those 36 closings? Let me put a little more perspective on this. There are approximately 20,500 homes in Poinciana. Mr. and Mrs. Average Seller are accounting for 12 sales a month. Finding one of these Sellers to work with is literally like finding a needle in a haystack. It ain’t happening. 

Now on the other hand, depending on who you listen to, from 10% to 15% of the properties in Poinciana are in some stage of mortgage delinquency!!! Even if I used the 10% figure that means that 2,050 homes in Poinciana Florida will probably be either a REO or Short Sale in the near future. 

Folks, I would have to be a fool to not concentrate my efforts on this part of the market. Short Sales may be frustrating and REOs may be difficult to get BUT, unless I want to spend my days driving Buyers around looking at $80,000 properties, I best become an expert in these areas. And I will. 

So……..over the next few months and for several years to come I plan on having tons of distressed property listings. Which also means……I’m going to have to expand my business by hiring REALTORS® to handle all of the Buyers these listings will generate. I’ve conveniently placed a link down there if you are interested.

My plan is in motion and the stage has been set for a GREAT 2009!!! 

OK, I wrote this post just to show you my thought process and to hopefully get you thinking about your market conditions and your future. If you are just waiting for the market to get back to “normal” you will fail. The old market is gone. What we are experiencing now is…….NORMAL! What say you?





Sell Poinciana Real Estate Poinciana Real Estate Poinciana Real Estate Poinciana Real Estate Agent

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Don’t wait for change BE the change!

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Have an awesome 2009!!Hi folks. Well we made it. 2009 is upon us and if you are reading this then chances are you are still in the business. Many aren’t. And to me that’s kind of sad. A lot of good people have gone out of business this year. They were unable to or not willing to adapt quick enough and the changing market got the best of them. 

I too struggled this year. I was hesitant to change my business plan and thought that if I “just hung in there” the market would change and things would be OK. Learning new skills didn’t appeal to me. Heck….I’ve been doing just fine for 14 years why should I change now? I didn’t want to do short sales because “they are too much work and you never get paid” I told myself “I’ll just look for Sellers that have equity”. 

Fortunately, I came around before it was too late. I realized that real estate is more than what I do. It’s my passion. It’s what I want to do. Helping folks is the reason I got started in real estate. It’s my way of being able to give something to my community. And I’m good at it!! So I had to change. I had to adapt to a new way of doing business. And I did. 

I now specialize in short sales and I work with Buyers who are wanting to take advantage of great values and buy investment properties. I’ve changed the way I charge for my services. I’ve adapted. And because I adapted I now have more business than I know what to do with. Sellers in my market are calling me because they know I can help them. I have the skills they need to get their home sold and negotiate a short sale with their lender. I can help them. I can relieve their stress. 

Buyers are contacting me daily wanting to invest in rental homes. I’ve had over 100 buyer leads in the last 30 days!!! I have more business than I know what to do with. 

It’s funny but as soon as I made a decision to do things differently I started getting business. It was the change in my thinking that did it. I learned the skills as I went along. Think about that for minute. IT WAS THE DECISISON TO CHANGE THAT MADE THE DIFFERENCE. THE SKILLS CAME LATER. 

OK, I’ll leave you with that last statement. I just wanted to share this with you so maybe it would get you to change your thinking. Don’t wait for change BE the change. Does that make sense? 

***The picture is TLW and I at the AR gathering in Orlando at the NAR convention. It has nothing to do with the post. But I like it. It was TLW’s first time out after her near death experience. Now you see why she was named “The LOVELY Wife”.

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Why do Short Sales?

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BAM! Got me a short sale!! 407-873-2747Yesterday, Janie Coffey and I were invited to participate on a teleconference hosted by Jennifer Allan about short sales. If you didn’t tune inhere’s the replay (Please remember this is copyrighted material so check with Jennifer if you want to use it). 

My portion of the seminar was……..Why do Short Sales? I was fist so please check it out and let me know how I did. I’ve only done two of these seminars so I’m still trying to figure them out. What I learned this week is that I talk too much!!!!

Here’s a very small portion of the transcript.

You’ve probably heard….”Short Sales are difficult and a big waste of time” and ”Rarely do they close and when they do you don’t get paid”.    I

If you believe these statements to be true then one of my goals with this seminar is to prove you wrong.  

  • Listing and selling Short Sales is all about helping Home Owners in your Community salvage their credit.
  • It’s about helping real live people with getting through a difficult time in their lives.
  • It’s about being there for them.

Think of all the people you may have sold homes to over the last few years when the market was booming. If these folks are now struggling don’t you owe it to them to help them out?

If you don’t want to help people and just want to do Short Sales to make a ton of money then do me a favor…..quit reading this post now and just move on.

People are hurting and they need SINCERE agents to help them. OK?   Instead of resisting Short Sales you need to be learning the skills it takes to become the “Go to person” in your community. When a Home Owner needs help they should be calling you. 

You should be attending seminars on Short Sales and reading everything you can get your hands on to increase your knowledge of how Short Sales work. 

The Short Sale process is changing daily. Get into the game. Every time you get a Loss Mitigator on the line…..pick their brain. Call the Lenders and talk to them. Ask them for their “Short Sale Package and Guidelines”. Talk to other agents who are successful at Short Sales. Constantly be asking questions and learning. You’ll never know it all but you can know enough to help.

This current market is full of opportunity for REALTORS(R) who are willing to help and willing to learn.    Home Owners need you. In fact, there has never been a better time for a REALTOR(R) to show their worth. If you have the right skills you can not only help a lot of people but you can also make a lot of money doing it. So get out there!!    

FAQ  #1 What is a Short Sale?
FAQ #2 What is a Hardship and why do I need one? 
FAQ #3 What goes in the Hardship Letter?

DISCLAIMER: I am a Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker. This article is my opinion based on years of experience and the laws of my State. All Sellers are urged to seek competent legal and tax advice. I am NOT qualified to give advice in those areas.  


Don’t Sell Yourself Short. An E-Book by Broker Bryant. Coming soon!!!


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The "Sounds" of a changing market. REDO

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I can’t believe I wrote this 2 1/2 years ago!!! has it really been that long already since the market changed?


Sometimes, market changes are best understood by the sights and sounds around us. On Saturday I posted my "sign post" that gave a true visual of how the market has changed. Today, I’m going to write about an occurrence that has happened to me, three times in the last two weeks. Three deals, three selling agents, three phone calls, one question. "I’ve changed companies can we change the name of the selling brokerage on the purchase contract to my new company?"

Now folks, in Florida all business is conducted through the Broker. Brokers own the listings and Brokers own the deals. Agents must work under a Broker and can only be paid through that Broker. So asking to change the name of the company on the contract, without Broker approval, is a big no no, both ethically and legally.

The first agent, that asked, was entitled to a referral fee from me for a listing that I sold. He figured, that since he now worked for a 100% company, if he could be paid direct, he could avoid paying his previous Broker and avoid his new $395.00 per transaction fee. Nope, ain’t going to happen on my watch. Give your Broker his due .

The next two were very similar in that both agents had switched companies in mid-transaction. One had actually removed (white out) their old company’s name from the contract, wrote in a new company name and delivered it to the Title Company. Fortunately, Cara, my closer called me on this and I let her know that the agent cannot do that. Give your Broker his due.

At least the next agent called me and asked me the question. Her explanation was a little more revealing about current market conditions. She also works for a 100% commission company and pays a $395.00 per transaction fee. Supposedly, her and several other of the agents, for this particular "rent a Broker" (her words not mine), have not been paid for their last few deals. It seems the Broker has been using their commissions to pay the bills. I guess, when things are slow, $395.00 per transaction won’t cut it.

So here we have the "sounds" of the market . REALTORS® constantly switching companies looking for greener grass. Brokers not paying their agents promptly, or at all, so they can use the money to try and stay in business. And agents trying to cut their Brokers out of the deal.

What surprises me about this is that my business is booming . I’m listing and selling houses constantly. And I’m not the only one. The REALTORS® that have been in the business for years are still marching right along and in fact are excelling in this changing market. Maybe, its because we never stopped doing the things that made us successful . When things were booming, we still advertised and still kept in touch with past customers and clients. We never lost our momentum. We don’t wait for business to come to us, we go and find business.

So folks, if you are struggling in your business, don’t change companies or try to cut your Broker out of the deal. It’s not the company, it’s you. Wake up tomorrow morning and do these things:

  • Put a smile on your face. It’s much nicer than a McDonald’s uniform .
  • Mail every expired and withdrawn listing in your market a letter.
  • Implement a FSBO drip campaign .
  • Review the listings you do have and figure out why they haven’t sold yet, then make a change.
  • Call ten people from your data base.
  • Call your current customers/clients and ask then for a referral.
  • Preview three active listings in your market area.
  • Go to lunch in your market area, visit five business owners and drop off your biz cards.
  • And anything else you can think of that’s proactive.

The next morning, repeat and keep at it. For how long? Forever. Remember if your business is slow, then your job is finding business. And if your business is booming, then you job is finding business. It’s a simple plan but it works.

I say , "get off your butt and go to work". What say you?


It’s not the Lenders job to get you paid!

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$27 a monthHi folks. I want to address Jim Paulson’s recent post……….

Realtors need to stand up to lenders on short sales!

In his post Jim is talking about the frustration with Lenders changing our commission on Short Sales AND Brokers changing the co-broke offered in the MLS based on what the Lender will allow. Please stop over and read Jim’s post. It is “Member’s Only”.

Here’s the deal. MLSs should not allow the co-broke to be altered. This is wrong and needs to be changed. But……

As for the lender adjusting the commission, this is NOT what they are doing. The lender has no authority over my listing agreement. They do however have authority over how much of THEIR money they will pay TOWARDS a commission.

If you have an agreement with your Seller to pay you x% and the lender will only allow y% then the Seller simply pays the difference UNLESS you decide to let them off the hook. The lender’s decision does not alter the listing agreement. Thinking it does….is a myth. Unfortunately it’s one that most agents just roll over and accept. Not me.

If you are on the Buyer side of the short sale then simply have an agreement (BBA) with the Buyer where he will pay you a minimum commission. That way if the co-broke is reduced the buyer can pay the difference. If the Buyer can get a good deal on the purchase then this should be no issue. If it is….the simply explain you can’t show him Short Sales.

I had a lender, GMAC, try to reduce my commission yesterday. They explained to me that it was their policy and there was nothing they could do about it. what I said was:

There are 3 agents being paid out of this x% commission. Why am I being asked to reduce? I did my job and I’m only making a little more than $x,000 on this deal. GMAC needs to get in line with market conditions. Realtors(r) are working our butts off to help GMAC avoid the cost of a foreclosure only to have money taken from us. I won’t change it. Who can I talk to that can make that decision?”  

They left it alone.

We are in complete control of our compensation as long as we remember who is paying us and write our commission agreements (BBA or listing) accordingly. And don’t just fold when asked to reduce. Stand strong and voice your opinion. They may just agree. If they don’t then discuss it with your Seller….after all that is who you have the agreement with.

Now having said all this…..I have taken less in the past and I’m sure I will in the future BUT it’s a decision made between me and the Seller NOT the Lender.

AND…..whatever I get paid……I will fully honor the co-broke being offered in the MLS. It’s the fair way to handle business. If you don’t have the ability to get paid then I suggest you offer a lower co-broke. One that you know you can honor. Better yet….learn how to negotiate. Isn’t that why we get paid? What say you?

Want to learn more?

$97 Webinar

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How to list a property that’s already listed.

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for saleDo you ever take post dated listings? What I mean is, a potential Seller calls you up and wants to get together and discuss placing their property on the market, the catch is, they are currently listed with another company. What do you do? Well, I’ll tell you what I do, I go over and take the listing. Did you know this was perfectly ethical?

What you can’t do is try to convince them to cancel their existing agreement or bad mouth their current Realtor. Also, you must post date the listing agreement. But other than those three things, this is an acceptable way to do business. I actually run across this quite often in my business and never hesitate to take the listing.

My feeling on this is that, these Sellers just want to sell their house, if their current situation is not working out for them, then, I am more than happy to give them another option. How do you feel about this? Do you do it?

Would it make you angry if I did this on one of your listings?

Well, I’ve never had it happen on one of my listings but don’t think it would bother me at all. I too want my Sellers to sell their house and if for some reason I can’t get the job done, I would want them to seek another REALTORS(R) services. Heck I may even make a recommendation to them.

Here’s the section in our Code of Ethics that covers this situation.

Standard of Practice 16-6

  • When REALTORS® are contacted by the client of another REALTOR® regarding the creation of an exclusive relationship to provide the same type of service, and REALTORS® have not directly or indirectly initiated such discussions, they may discuss the terms upon which they might enter into a future agreement or, alternatively, may enter into an agreement which becomes effective upon expiration of any existing exclusive agreement. (Amended 1/98)

So, the next time this situation presents itself, go take the listing. Don’t feel bad about it, just do it. It’s all a part of good business practices and it helps the consumer out. And that really is what it’s all about. What say you? Weekend Update

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Good morning fellow and future Short Sale SuperStars,

First Wendy and I would like to welcome all of our 25 new members this week. We also had 611 Unique visitors this week and 5,282 page views. 23% of our traffic is coming from the search engines. What that means is that we have buyers and sellers visiting the site.

In fact, we actually had a couple of sellers join this week. So…..we want them to be able to search for a Short Sale SuperStar. With that in mind we have made a couple of changes this week to make it easier to use the search function. But in order for the search function to work properly we need your help.

Please go to your personal main page*** (My Page) and right under your picture click on manage my page. Then click on profile. If you scroll down you’ll notice we changed the profile questions. Add your first name, last name, State and city.

  • ***What? You don’t have a personal main page? If I were doing Short Sales or wanted to learn howe to do Short Sales then I know that I would pop over and join the site. It’s FREE!!!

OK now where was I……..Now you may already have your name on the site but go ahead and do it again. Also, you can add more than one city. Just separate the cities by commas. For example: Kissimmee,Orlando,Haines City.

Once this information is there people can use the search function under “Members” and pull up Short Sale Agents by State, city or name. Also, we’ll be adding a Google site search to the front page. So making these changes to your profile is very important. OK?

A couple of more items. We created a ShortSaleSuperStars fan page on Facebook. You can become a fan by clicking on the “Fan Box” in the right hand side bar of the main page of the site.

OK….I think that’s it. As always Wendy and I appreciate your feedback. Good or bad we want to know. Pop us an email.

Almost forgot…..thanks to everyone that purchased The Negotiator Interview, Short Sale Agent Training or the Short Sale Listing/Submission Package this week. The little bit of income Wendy and I get from these products helps to pay for the running of the site. And hopefully the products offered have helped you in your business. We will be launching new stuff in the near future.

We hope everyone has a great week. Don’t forget to invite a friend to join the site. We want to have 1,000 members by the end of the year.

Until next week…..Learn, Know and Grow.

Together we CAN make a difference!

Wendy and Bryant


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I love my new partner Wendy. There I said it!!!!

Via Wendy Rulnick “Its Wendy!” Destin Short Sales (Rulnick Realty, Inc.):

It was a hectic year for short sales, but there was some good news, big and little, that brings hope for 2010.  Here are my top short sale stories for the past twelve months, some personal, some national.

Best Destin Short Sale
1.  The first story is a Happy Short Sale Saga.  One of my Destin Florida sellers regained employment, so did not have to sell the home he and his family desperately loved!  I gladly withdrew the property from the market.  Specializing in short sales is often more than closing the sale.

2.  HAP – The Homeowner Assistance Program (HAP) is a government program expanded to help our military members who have orders to relocate from bases such as Eglin Air Force Base and Hurlburt Field.  Many of these servicemen are upside-down in their mortgages, and HAP is supposed to cover 90% of their loss so they can avoid foreclosure.  HAP has not helped many yet and is flooded with applications. The good news is that they are improving their information and refining their system, so hopefully more of our military will be helped in 2010. 

3.  HAFA – The Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative Program is supposed to get short sale lenders/servicers on board to speed up approvals for homeowners of primary residences.  It offers guidelines and incentives to pre-approve short sales and forgive deficiencies.  We’ll watch carefully in the spring to report on HAFA progress- or not.

4.  Short Sale Training – My first webinar marked the beginning of my business partnership with Bryant Tutas.  I prepared for the webinar with nervous trepidation, but ended up loving doing these classes! Simply put, it was a blast!  Not only did Bryant and I educate others, it helped me grow personally. We have since incorporated as REGrow, LLC.  Expect more good things in 2010. 


Short Sale Superstars


5.  is the community Bryant Tutas and I founded to help short sale agents across the country “Learn, Know and Grow”.  In little over five months, our group is now almost 750 members strong.  Here, short sale professionals jump in to share secrets and information about every and any lender or short sale situation you can imagine.  Here, they are unlocking the knowledge to save more homeowners from foreclosure and do it at the highest levels.  This is a tight community of giving short sale leaders that is open for membership. If you have not yet joined – we welcome you to come with us on this exciting adventure.

As a final note, for 2010, I hope we all find greater solutions to the foreclosure and home ownership crisis that is touching the lives of every one of us.

It’s Wendy!

Wendy Rulnick, Broker, CRP, CRS, GRI, ABR     Rulnick Realty, Inc.

Destin FL Real Estate

Destin Short Sales & Pre Foreclosure Help.

Read Wendy’s Destin Real Estate Blog for agents

Call toll-free 1-877-ITS-WNDY (1-877-487-9639) or local 850-650-7883 ext 204

Email Wendy:

Wendy is a short sale and pre-foreclosure specialist and has been featured in “Kiplinger Personal Finance Magazine” and “Florida Realtor Magazine”. Call Wendy Rulnick, Broker/Owner,to list and sell your home or condo on the Emerald Coast of Florida in Walton, Okaloosa and Santa Rosa County-  Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, Fort Walton Beach, Niceville, Bluewater Bay, Navarre, Seagrove Beach, Watercolor, Sandestin, Seaside, Crestview, Rosemary Beach, Mary Esther, Shalimar, Eglin AFB, Hurlburt Field. 

BTW, this is my 100th post! So please read!

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I read this post on another forum earlier today:

My name is Michael De Smidt. I just wanted to share the marketing position my team and I have been using. " We don't say "We sell the most homes" …how much education we have…"We're the REALTOR for you" blah, blah, blah things like that. We have been selling to there emotions such as… sand between your toes… my this yard would be great for you and your family to have a BBQ in… aligning ourselves with what‘s important to them…things to that effect and we have had phenomenal results. Just thought I would share. If you have any comments please let me know. Take care

While I agree with Michael, to an extent, I don't think there is a blanket technique that will work for all. For example, I am a very non-emotional, analytical type person. An emotional Advertisement would do nothing for me. I do not make financial decisions based on my emotions. However, I do agree that harping on how many homes you've sold and so forth is the wrong approach. It's not about us, it's about what we can provide to Sellers and Buyers.

I have a great Ad program, right now, that is designed around what I have been hearing from potential Sellers. My Ads and mailers all say the same thing: I take 45 day listings with no cancellation fees and I stress the fact that I will answer my phone or call them back in 30 minutes. This Ad program has been very successful, counting the 3 listings I took today, I have listed 19 properties in 30 days. Why has this Ad program been successful?

Well, there are a couple of reasons. First, in my market there are many properties that are not selling and are showing up on the expired and withdrawn listings MLS hot sheet. Secondly, while talking to potential Sellers this is what I hear. “I have been listed with such and such a Realtor for 6 months. During this time I have only had 2 showings and I never hear from my Realtor. I’ve been waiting for our contract to run out because if I cancel, they charge me $1,000.”

Wow! After hearing this several times, it took me about 30 seconds to come up with my new Ad program. So folks, pay attention to what your market is telling you. Design your Ad program for your market. And remember, it’s all about them, not us.

Now since I have had numerous request, from members on ActiveRain, wanting a copy of my expired letter, here it is. Now remember this letter works for me in my market but your market may be different. What is your market telling you? Be real quiet and listen and you may just come up with the perfect Ad program. Please feel free to use this letter if it will help.



My name is Bryant Tutas and I am the Broker and Owner of Tutas Towne Realty, Inc. I have noticed that your house was recently taken off the market, so I am writing to see if you still have an interest in selling. I welcome the opportunity to meet with you to go over your Real Estate needs and update you on current market conditions in Poinciana. Together we can devise a plan that will get your home sold. In this more difficult market you need a Realtor experienced in your area who will get your home sold for full market value in a reasonable amount of time. I will offer you my 12 years of experience selling homes in Poinciana and an unconditional 45 day listing agreement that you can cancel at anytime with no fees to you. I get paid when you get paid. At closing.

I promise to talk to you personally during the listing period at least twice a week with updates. I promise to answer my phone when you call or return your call within 30 minutes Mon-Sun 8am-8pm. Try it! 407-873-2747 or 407-870-9003 or 863-438-9003.

Also check out my web site at

Folks, if you are serious about selling your home then give me a call today and start packing! I look forward to hearing from you.


Bryant Tutas, GRI



BTW, this is my 100th post! So please read!

I just listed "The Best House In Poinciana". AGAIN!

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I have been in Real Estate for 12 years and today is the day I have been waiting for. I am so excited I can’t stand it. Are you ready? Today I listed “The Best House In Poinciana”! Don’t believe me? Then call the Seller and ask him. “Mr. Seller, I hear you have “The Best House In Poinciana”.” “Yes, you are correct, just like I told Broker Bryant this morning, I have the best house in Poinciana.”

Now folks, how many times have you heard this? I think I hear it at least once a week. It never ceases to amaze me how many people think they have “The Best House In Poinciana“. What’s really funny is that Poinciana is a cookie cutter community. Almost all of our 17,000 homes are very similar. They are concrete block one or 2 story homes with a 2 car garage sticking out in the front and sit on a 70×100 lot. Most are only 1 to 5 years old. And since we have color restrictions, they are all neutral earth tone colors.

So what makes a house, “The Best House In Poinciana”? Well let’s see if I can explain. Better yet, let me give you a list of the upgrades that make this “The Best House In Poinciana”, according to the Seller.. Ok, here goes.


  • Garage door opener.
  • Chain link fence.
  • An orange tree seedling.
  • Beautiful builder grade beige carpet.
  • White GE appliances.
  • Sprinkler system.

Oh, I almost forgot, it sits on an oversized lot. Standard lots are70x100 and according to the public records this one is 71×100. So there you have it.

Anyway, my job is to get this house sold. Currently there are 50 homes that are almost identical to this one, on the market. Ranging in price from $249,900 to $315,000. Quite the spread. Most are in the $270,000 to $280,000 range. My goal, always, is to make my listing “The Best House In Poinciana”. So how do you turn the imagined “The Best house In Poinciana” into the true “The Best House In Poinciana”? There’s only one way that I know of. Price. Price will make any property stand out. In this case I was able to convince the Seller to Range Price the house from $249,000 to $269,000 with $269,000 being a full price offer. His house will now show up in the number one position out of 50 similar houses in the MLS. This means more showings, more offers and a quick sale.

So folks, if you are looking for a great 4 bedroom 2.5 bath home with over 2800 sq ft of living space, then come on down to Tutas Towne, I have just listed “The Best House In Poinciana”. AGAIN!

About us

I am a licensed real estate Broker in the state of Florida. My opinions on real estate have been formed from my experiences and 15 years of working in the business. My opinions are in line with Florida Real Estate laws and the REALTOR(R) Code of Ethics. Your State’s laws may differ. So do your own homework before implementing any of my business practices into your business.