Short Sale Training Webinar….and a BIG announcement!!

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Short Sale webinarHi folks. OK so it’s Friday again. Do you know what that means? It means…….time for me to sell product again!!! I’m sorry BUT I have to do it. TLW needs new shoes AND…..there are agents out there that really need help with their Short Sales.

I bet there are agents reading this post right now that want to do Short Sales but feel they are too much work. Or feel they won’t get paid for their efforts. Well if that agent is you….don’t fear. Wendy Rulnick and I have designed our Short Sale Basics Webinar series just for you.

Short Sale Basics is a five part Webinar that walks you through a Short Sale Transaction from beginning to end. The best thing is that it’s taught by two Real Estate Brokers that handle Short Sales all day long.

Wendy and I both handle our Short Sales ourselves from beginning to end. No outsourcing.

Short Sale Basics Session 3 is being taught tomorrow at 11am Eastern time. Tomorrow’s session will teach you about:

  1. Pricing the Short Sale
  2. Short Sale Price Reduction Strategy
  3. Marketing the Short Sale
  4. Qualifying the Short Sale Buyer
  5. Negotiating the Short Sale Purchase Contract

I know what you’re are thinking “WOW!! Broker Bryant.. that’s a ton of information.” Well…yes it is. Not sure how Wendy and I are going to cover all of this in 90 minutes but we will. And if you can’t keep up……it’s being recorded!! That’s right…we have all sessions available in MP3 format. You can load them on your iPod and listen on your own time.


But if you want to…..the cost for tomorrow’s session is $57.00.

OR…you can purchase the entire course for only…..



$97 is only good for two more weeks. Beginning August 1st the price is $197.00. That’s right…$197.00 once the course is recorded.

Now here’s the big announcement. I didn’t tell Wendy I was mentioning this today but what the heck. I feel like ShortSaleSuperStarsspilling the beans. Wendy and I are launching on August 1st. This is going to be the one place to go for all things Short Sale. will be a site for all of us who do Short Sales to help each other and support each other.

You’ll be able to find forms, documents, lender tips, phone numbers, top secret email addys, training materials and much much more. will be an interactive business network for people that take Short Sales serious. Our goal is help each other become better so as a group we can make a difference.

People need smart agents. They need agents that can help them through these difficult times. So if you want to make a difference and… want to get paid for doing so….come join us. The membership fee is only $27 per month FREE!! It will be the best money you have spent in a long time. Short Sales can be very time consuming and aggravating but … do NOT have to go it alone.

If you are interested just cllick over to and click on the subscribe button at the top. Become a part of this exciting new venture!!

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Together We Can Make a Difference

It’s TLWS Birthday!!!!

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The Lovely and I

Ok so today is TLWs (The Lovely Wife) birthday. How old is she? Well I’m not telling. But let’s just say she has renewed her AARP card more than once. Our twin boys turned 33 this year and we have 6 grand children including one who is a teenager!! 

So…..while I won’t tell you how old she is I can say that she IS old…..enough. Just enough.

Now most of you know that the last 12 months have been very, very difficult for TLW.  A couple of times I didn’t think we’d be celebrating this birthday. But…she made it through the storm. 

Please pray for TLW

TLW is coming home!

TLW again needs your prayers

TLW Update

TLW dancing in the RainDid you know there were over 50 posts written for TLW when she was going through all of this?

Anyway…..I’m writing this post to wish MY Lovely Wife a Happy Birthday. The best present I can think of…..besides a big chunk of change….is for all her online friends to pop in and wish her a Happy Birthday.

Maybe a high jacking is in order? What say you?

Happy Birthday Hun…..Love you!!!!

Are you protecting the public or pampering agents?

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Here’s why I ask. My real estate practices are very aggressive. Without a doubt I have pissed a few agents off over the years. 

Some agents have called my buisness practices unethical, illegal, unprofessional, moronic, deceitful, bait and switch, confrontational, self indulging and blah, blah, blah…..I could go on but you get my point.

By the way, did you know accusing a REALTOR® of using unethical or illegal practices when they aren’t is in itself a violation of our CoE (Code of Ethics)? Don’t believe me? Go check it out. SoP (Standard of Practice) 15-2.

The reality is that I am just looking out for “my peeps”. I’m doing what it takes to get the job done. I’m doing what they have hired me to do. I work for Sellers and Buyers. I do NOT work for other agents.

If agents get pissed off because they don’t agree with what I’m doing then frankly that’s their issue ….not mine. My business practices are and always have been legal and ethical. I wouldn’t handle my business any other way. Would you, yours?

Have you ever held back from taking a listing or working with a buyer because you didn’t want to upset another agent? Even though you knew they were doing a bad job and you could do better. Pampering.

Have you ever divulged information about your customer/client or their deal because the other agent was your friend? Or they worked in the same office? Pampering.

Below are a few of my business practices (old and current) that other agents may believe to be unethical or illegal: (If you want to have some fun go read the posts and the comments on then in).

I will not change the way I handle my business just because it may upset some agents. More than likely most of the agents I have done deals with are no longer in the business anyway.

The failure rate amongst REALTORS® is somewhere between 70% and 90% during their first 2 years in business. I may never do a deal with them again. I will however get referrals from my customer/clients for years to come.

Now folks, having said all of this I do want to work WITH other agents. I whole heartedly believe in helping my peers in their business. I will bend over backwards to assist them if asked. BUT…it will not be at the expense of my customer/clients.

Let’s remember who we work for and who is paying us. That’s where our loyalties need to be.

I’m a protector of the public NOT a pamperer of agents. Which one are you?

***The video is for those few people who didn’t appreciate our last video of me tearing up a counter offer. Maybe this technique will be more appealing to you. As always the video is the property of ROAR! Productions. Get off it.

Available Short Sale Training:

Bryant Tutas
Tutas Towne Realty, Inc
Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker

Are you a Florida REALTOR(R) looking for a change? Check it out.


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The future of Tutas Towne RealtyAs most of you know our son Nathan was discharged from the Marine Corp last month after serving for 13 years. He and his wife of 13 years and their 4 children have moved directly across the street from TLW and I.

To say it has been awesome would be an understatement.

And as if it couldn’t get any better, Nathan just passed the Florida State Real Estate licensing test on Friday, paid his REALTOR® and MLS dues today and is now the newest addition to the Tutas Towne Realty empire team!!!

I am so excited I can hardly stand it.

Nathan is going to be my right hand man in anticipation of taking over the business in the not too far future. Nathan was a Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corp and is more than capable of handling all aspects of our business.

Our immediate goal is to get Nathan up and running with handling some of my administrative duties and working with International Investors who are purchasing Florida Holiday homes near Disney.

He will also be working with me on listing, selling and negotiating Short Sales in the Central Florida area.

This will free up my time so I can concentrate on our longer term goal of expanding Tutas Towne Realty throughout the state of Florida via TTRealty Network. TTRealty Network is our virtual training site for Florida REALTORS®. This site is in it’s infancy but will eventually have training materials available for all aspects of Florida Real Estate.

REALTORS® can hang their license with Tutas Towne Realty, Inc or they can just access the training materials for a small monthly fee. Our goal will be to help REALTORS® throughout the State become better at what they do.

Tutas Towne Realty is a virtual real estate office. We only want REALTORS® who are disciplined enough to work from their homes. You will still have complete Broker support it just won’t be face to face. If you are interested in a new way of doing business let me know. We are hiring NOW!

And of course all of this ties in very nicely with my partnership with Wendy Rulnick and…… and our  Short Sale Agent Training.

Folks these are exciting times for me. The recent difficulties in real estate have forced me to change the way I think about my business. Changing the way I think has opened up doors I never would have even thought of 3 years ago. I have evolved am evolving.

I’m starting to feel rejuvenated and motivated again. Adversity is bringing out the best in me.

I truly hope that you too are evolving. These are interesting times that we are in. They will either make you or break you. Which one will it be?

Bryant Tutas
Tutas Towne Realty, Inc
Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker

Are you a Florida REALTOR(R) looking for a change? Check it out.


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The Buyer CMA. Do you use it?

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Realtor training 407-873-2747

Hi folks. Lenn Harley wrote a post today titled “Looking at Real Estate Teams and Team Specialists”. If you haven’t read it please take a moment to do so. In her article Lenn wrote…

“The assumption is that training for property valuation is for listing agents for CMAs and not for buyers agents.  IMO, one of the most valuable skills any real estate practitioner can have is that of accurate property valuation.”

I have to say I agree with that statement. As most of you know I have been primarily a listing agent for many years. Over the last 18 months or so I have had to revamp my business and now find myself working with more and more Buyers.

I find that one of the advantages I have is that I know how to value property. My market is saturated with foreclosures and Short Sales. Because of this, the listing price means nothing. The listing price is normally quite a bit lower than what the property will eventually sale for.

The purpose of a low listing price is to create a bidding war. I completely understand this strategy and have no problem at all working within the rules of this “game”.

My Buyers are counseled to make offers based on the value of the property not the list price. This is very important for Buyers and their agents to understand when working in this kind of a market.

How many of you have had Buyers that insist on offering below listing price on every property  they look at? How many of you counsel then to do this? Is the extent of your counsel telling Buyers to offer 90% of list price? Be honest. When was the last time you prepared a full blown CMA (Comparable Market Analysis) for a Buyer?

Do you even know how to prepare a market analysis? From some of the offers I see coming in on my listings my opinion is don’t. Your Buyers are missing out on properties because they are hung up on the listing price. Your job is to make sure this is not a stumbling block for them. The best way to do that is to make sure you are giving your Buyers a CMA.

This Buyer CMA can be for a specific property or it can be based on the style and type of property they are looking for. Does that make sense?

Here’s a CMA I prepared last week for a Buyer. We ended up getting his offer accepted even though there were about a dozen offers on the property. Check it out. Any questions?

CMA 816 Halifax Dr Kissimmee FL 34758



Florida Property search

Bryant Tutas
Tutas Towne Realty, Inc
Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker

Are you a Florida REALTOR(R) looking for a change? Check it out.


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OK one more before I take my Thanksgiving break. The Florida Attorney General, Bill McCollum, sent this letter to the top executives at Bank of Amercia, Wachovia, JP Morgan/Chase and Wells Fargo.

Thank you Mr. McCollum for taking this current financial mess seriously. The lenders have way too much power right now and they are abusing it. Let’s make them stop!!

Florida Attorney General Letter to BOFA


Now I got that out of the way……. Happy Thanksgiving to all from TLW and I. And for yor enjoyment….here’s a whacky video from “Groovy Dancing Girl“. I promise it will make you smile.


Do NOT be foreclosed on! Avoid foreclosure. Short Sales DO close.

Want to find out more?


Florida Property search

Bryant Tutas
Tutas Towne Realty, Inc
Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker

Are you a Florida REALTOR(R) looking for a change? Check it out.


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Have a Bertha Chistmas!!!

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Twas the nightmare ‘for Christmas, when all through the house

The only creature stirring was wearing a blouse.

Her stockings were hung by the chimney with care

As she hoped that her loved ones wouldn’t notice her hair.

The Rainers were shocked as their eyes turned so red

With visions of Bertha burned in their heads

And TLW suffered with agony of living with me

Sometimes all man and sometimes a she.

Now, Dasher! now, Dancer! now, Prancer and Vixen!

Oh screw it……just watch the video!!!

Disclosure: Before actually clicking on the video please remove any objects from your mouth. While you’re at it, you should probably clear the area around your computer, just to be on the safe side.

Watch Bertha Merry Christmas in Funny Videos | View More Free Videos Online at

Video…Sole Property Of TLW and ROAR! Productions

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