SoliVita Unveils New Model Homes

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SoliVita Model Home

SoliVita Floor plans

SoliVita recently hosted a Realtor(R) open house to show us their new model home park. All I can say is WOW!! The new homes are gorgeous and the prices are very reasonable. Homes starting at $126,990 for the 1,278 sq ft Marathon model up to $367,990 for the 2,980 sq ft Cordoba model.  And everything in between. 17 floor plans to choose from. Something for everyone.

The best part of course is living in SoliVita. SoliVita is Florida’s premier retirement community designed for active adults over 55. SoliVita offers 2 championship golf courses at Stonegate Golf Club. 14 heated swimming pools including the indoor aquatic center for year round water exercises and swimming.

SoliVita Amenities include: Numerous lakes and canals for boating and fishing. 2 fitness centers. Grand Ball Room. Computer centers. Library. Restaurants. Tennis courts. Pickle Ball courts. Ball field. Dog park. Shuffle board. Over 100 clubs to join. And so much more.

Folks, if you are looking to retire in Florida or just want to simplify your life then you owe it to yourself to take a look at SoliVita. I moved here in May of 2010 with my wife and have to say it has been the best place we have ever lived. I’d love to give you the tour!!

SoliVita Resales are also available staring in the 90s.

Active Adult Housing Sector Still Moving Slowly

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Florida's World Class Active Adult Community....SoliVita

Hi folks. I found this interesting article today about the Active Adult Community 55+ sales. Hopefully SoliVita will beat this trend. There are several homes under construction in my neighborhood of Venezia and I see quite a few people taking tours when the wife and I are down at the Riviera Spa and Fitness Center. Check it out.

WASHINGTON – Nov. 15, 2010 – The third-quarter results from the National Association of Home Builders’ 55+ Housing Market Index (HMI) find that builder confidence in the mature-market sector reflects the larger housing market’s bleak landscape. Almost all categories surveyed declined from the levels reported in the third quarter of 2009.

While we have anecdotal information that some local 55-plus markets are beginning to rebound, the third-quarter data show that national conditions for this sector have not yet turned the corner,” said NAHB’s Chief Economist, David Crowe. “Real improvement won’t happen until we have better employment numbers, and consumers who are more confident of keeping their jobs. Those consumers will buy the homes of the 55-plus age cohort, so that the mature buyers will be able to move to more appropriate housing.” READ THE REST HERE

Touring the SoliVita Riviera Spa and Fitness Center

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Here’s a quick video tour of the SoliVita main swimming pool at the Riviera Spa and Fitness Center at SoliVita. Florida’s World class retirement and active adult community. If you are looking for a 55 and over adult community in the heart of Florida then SoliVita is the place for you. SoliVita is located in Poinciana Florida approximately 30 minutes to Orlando and all the area attractions including Disney World Orlando.

Homes in Solivita start in the low $100’s up to the mid $400s.

32,000 square foot Riviera Spa & Fitness Center

  • Indoor, air-conditioned track above an indoor heated pool
  • Outdoor heated pool and 2 heated whirlpool spas, with deck overlooking waterways
  • Exercise studio with state-of-the-art cardiovascular and strength equipment and free weights
  • Dance studio for aerobics and fitness classes
  • Full-time professional, trained and certified recreation & fitness staff

SoliVita Village Center

Hi folks. Let’s talk a little bit about Real Estate market conditions in SoliVita. Recently I have spoken to several SoliVita homeowners and the first thing they mention is that NOTHING is selling in SoliVita. Well lets look at some facts. The figures below are based on the first half of each year.

In 2006, at the peak of the market, there were 72 closing in the first half of the year. This year there were 91 sales! That’s an increase of 20%. In fact that’s the most resales in SoliVita for that time period EVER! So…properties are selling at a rapid pace.

Now let’s explore why they are selling. This one is easy. PRICE! It’s all about the price. At the peak of the market, 1st half of 2006, the average sale was at $276,600. This year, 2010, the average selling price in SoliVita is $165,301. That’s a decrease in value of 40%. Considering homes in Poinciana have had a decrease in value of 70%….the values in SoliVita have held up pretty good.

So…..will your SoliVita home sell in this market? ABSOLUTELY!!! As long as the price is right. If you want to know what that price is just give me a call….I’ll figure it out for you. OK?

Solivita. Florida’s Premier Active Adult Community

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SoliVita. The place for active adults to enjoy all that Florida has to offer. Amenities include 2 par 72 golf courses at Stonegate Golf Club. The Riviera Spa and Fitness Center with full gym, indoor track, indoor aquatic center, 2 out door spas, heated pool, dance studio and much more.

Also enjoy the Village Center with its restaurants, 17,000 sq ft Starlight Ballroom, pool hall, ceramic and art studios and waterways for canoeing, boating and fishing. And as if that’s not enough there are 11 heated pools through out the community.

And the new Palms Amenity Complex with it’s state of the art fitness studio and 4,000 sg ft pool. Professional staff on site. Oops! I forgot to mention the tennis courts, pickle ball courts, horse shoe pits, dog park, softball fields and nature preserves. You really just need to come have a look. Houses from the low 100s to mid $500s.

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185 Rialto Rd Solivita-Poinciana FL 34759

Beautiful Solivita home being sold completely furnished. Backs up to a small pond. Screened and covered lanai. Tile flooring in all wet areas. Upgraded fixtures and window treatments through out. One buyer must be at least 55 years old. No children under 18. Manned guard gate. Solivita community fees include basic Brighthouse cable, lawn maintenance and use of all the facilities. Soliviat facilities included in the fees are heated community pools, tennis, indoor aquatic center, indoor jogging and walking track, spa and fitness center, yoga, dance, aerobics and many other classes.

Over 100 different clubs to join. 2 restaurants on site… Two world class golf courses. Waterways for canoeing. baseball fields, dog park, tennis and so much more. This is the Florida retirement lifestyle you have been dreaming about. And all located 45 minutes to the major attractions including Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studios.

ALL THIS FOR ONLY $149,000!!

Want to find out more? 407-873-2747

Heading Towards The Finish Line in Solivita Florida

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Looking for a Florida Retirement Home?

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If so……why not check out Solivita? Solivita is a World class 55 and over active adult community. Solivita features single family homes from the low $100s to the high $500s. Two Championship golf courses including StoneGate. Beautiful Riviera Spa and Fitness center and so much more.

Each Solivita community has a 24 hours manned guard gate. Solivita is located in Poinciana Florida. 25 minutes from Disney World Orlando. By the end of 2012 we should have one of the most modern hospitals in Florida directly across the street from the entrance to Solivita. Buy now while the prices are good. We’d love to have you.

Now you are probably wondering what active adults do. Well check it out……

Hi folks. I’ve been having a discussion over at on whether or not having the Buyer of a Short Sale pay off part of a junior lien “outside of closing” without disclosing to the 1st lien holder and without placing the payment as a P.O.C. (paid out of closing) item on the HUD is Mortgage Fraud and/or a violation of RESPA.

The article is presenting a scenario where the 1st lender does not agree to pay the 2nd $7,000 from the sale. They only agree to pay $3,000. So to skirt around this the agent suggest having the buyer pay the additional $4,000 needed to remove the 2nd lien outside of closing. It’s my opinion, that this $4,000 is compensation to the seller for the purchase of the property. This fact, that is pertinent to the sale, is being withheld from the 1st lender. Therefore, in my opinion, it is both Mortgage Fraud and a violation of RESPA.

The definition of Mortgage Fraud as per the FBI is:material misstatement, misrepresentation, or omission of information relied upon by an underwriter or lender to fund, purchase or insure a loan. “.

Also, a Title company that does this without placing these funds on the HUD could very well be breaking the law. Title Companies exist to protect lenders and borrowers. The lien is a title issue and therefore the monies needed to “clear title” need to be shown on the HUD.


Not disclosing this $4,000 payment to the first lien holder is fraud. If it weren’t ….then disclosing it would not be an issue. Would it?

Now having said all of that I know these types of transactions happen every day. The chance of being caught and prosecuted are probably slim to none. BUT…’s still fraudulent and it’s still wrong. Of course I am NOT an Attorney and this is just my opinion.

Here’s some more great info:

HUD promulgates regulations to enforce RESPA, known as Regulation X (24 C.F.R. section 3500, et seq.). Regulation X includes the requirement that settlement statements be prepared in the form of the HUD-1. The regs include line-by-line instructions and rules as to how the HUD-1 is to be completed. The following is from the “General Instructions” (24 C.F.R section 3500, Appendix A):

“The settlement agent shall complete the HUD-1 to itemize all charges imposed upon the Borrower and the Seller by the Lender and all sales commissions, whether to be paid at settlement or outside of settlement, and any other charges which either the Borrower or the Seller will pay for at settlement. Charges to be paid outside of settlement, including cases where a non-settlement agent (i.e., attorneys, title companies, escrow agents, real estate agents or brokers) holds the Borrower’s deposit against the sales price (earnest money) and applies the entire deposit towards the charge for the settlement service it is rendering, shall be included on the HUD-1 but marked `P.O.C.’ for “Paid Outside of Closing” (settlement) and shall not be included in computing totals. P.O.C. items should not be placed in the Borrower or Seller columns, but rather on the appropriate line next to the columns.”

The “P.O.C.” requirement is also set forth in the upper part of the first page of the HUD-1 form.

Above info was taken from this article

So what do you think? Fraud? RESPA Violation? Or neither?

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FSBOs are cheap and certified idiots!!!

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Broker Bryant

Hi folks. I was browsing through some of my older posts today and found this little ditty about FSBOs (For Sell By Owners). To fully appreciate this post you really have to pop over and read the comment stream on Jeff’s post. YOWSER!!! 

Jeff Turner posted “For Sale By Owner: Raise the price then call a REALTOR®” a couple of years ago. Jeff’s post was basically reposting a question that a FSBO had placed on Twitter. The question was: “Got a buyer for my condo. They want me to hold the mortgage. Any advice?”

Jeff’s post was not only a Public post but it was also a Featured post. It received over 70 comments. The comments, from REALTORS® included statements such as:

  • * ……this guy is seeking free advice? After he doesn’t want to compensate a professional?
  • Never ceases to amaze me how people with little to no experience buying or selling houses seem to “wing it.
  • My advice to the seller’s, don’t reinvent the wheel, always deal with professionals.
  • …..just another example of an ignorant homeowner who thought they were doing themselves a favor and “saving” money.
  • This guy is a certified idiot.

Now, in all fairness, there were some pretty decent responses, as well, but in my opinion, the majority of the comments were just reprimanding this guy for not wanting to use a “professional”. Folks, if you think those PUBLIC comments make you look like professionals then you are sadly mistaken. Whether this FSBO made a good choice, or not, he was really just asking for some advice. If you don’t want to give him any….then don’t.

But make no mistake about it….him choosing to “go it alone” does not make him an idiot! One commenter summed it up nicely with this comment: “All sellers have four choices, don’t sell it, sell it yourself, list with any old Realtor, or hire an experienced one.” The key word of course being CHOICES. It’s the Seller’s choice…not ours.

If you want to try and win their business then have it…but demeaning their decision to “go it alone” will only accomplish making yourself look foolish. Not to mention the damage it does to our profession’s reputation. What say you?

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