So….you want to buy a Florida Investment Property?

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Buying an Investment property in Florida right now can be lucrative but it’s not easy. Here is some information that may help.

If you want to purchase a Foreclosure you will not have time to look at the property prior to making an offer. The “deals” will have multiple offers within hours of being placed on the market. If the numbers work….go for it.

We suggest making strong offers and making them quickly. You may also want to make offers on multiple properties to increase your odds of getting one accepted.

However, the offers must be realistic. If the property is priced right we will not write offers for less than 97% of the asking price. It’s a waste of your time and ours.

Properties priced well will sell very quickly and usually with multiple offers. It is very common for them to sell for more than the asking (list) price. When you see a property you are interested in our job is to complete a market analysis to see what it is worth. We will then advise you on how to make an offer that will be accepted or at least considered.

  • You do not have to be here to buy or close (complete) a purchase.

In order to make offers you will need POF (proof of funds) and the ability to wire a deposit in the amount of $2,500 to First American Title (escrow company). Your POF must be stated in USD (dollars).

Foreclosures are sold “As Is” with right to inspect. this means that once a property is placed under contract you have 10 days to have it inspected (surveyed). If you deem the property unacceptable after this inspection you have the option to cancel the contract at your sole discretion and get your deposit back. This 10 day period gives us time to thoroughly check out the property, on your behalf, including a complete interior and exterior photo shoot.
All offers are presented on a “As Is” offer to purchase contract that we prepare and send to you for signatures. This signed offer is then sent, with your POF and the confirmation of deposit, to the Seller’s Broker. They present it to the Seller (bank). It will take the Bank any where from 2 days to 2 weeks, or more, to respond.
Their response can be:

  1. Acceptance
  2. Rejection
  3. Counter Offer
  4. Request for “Highest and Best Offer”. This is normally how multiple offers are handled.

When your offer is accepted the Bank will send over a stack of addendum that will need to be signed/initialed and added to the contract. These addendum may have 5 pages or 30 pages depending on the Bank.

When purchasing Foreclosures “Time is of the Essence”. If you need time to think things over then purchasing Foreclosures is not for you. We do this everyday. Let us use our years of experience to help you get a good property at a good price.

Other than these things purchasing a Foreclosure is pretty straight forward.
That’s it. I hope this helps. Any questions?




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Why must there be a Hardship to do a Short Sale?

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Want to buy this one?Hi folks. Today I have mixed emotions. Lenn Harley has a great featured post today basically showing how asinine our Government has been by throwing away trillions of dollars to bail out banks while ignoring the true issue……lack of equity.  According to Lenn (and I agree) we have an equity problem in this country. Until this problem is solved nothing else matters.

Homeowners will need to move or want to move at some point and if they can’t sell because they owe too much they are stuck. So they are forced to make hard decisions. Some will stay and stick it out but I’m afraid many more will just walk away and let their homes be foreclosed on.

In my opinion, this is going to be the next major waive of foreclosures. Right now it seems like things are starting to get better. In some of the hardest hit areas inventory is down and sales are up. Don’t be fooled. This is the eye of the storm.

Banks have been slower to foreclose and in fact, according to some sources, have more than 500,000 properties that they are sitting on.  My guess is that this number is higher. These will be released to the market soon.

Now, I am a firm believer in meeting your financial obligations. I know I do. TLW and I sold several of our properties last year and had to bring large sums of money to closing on a couple of them. It sucked. But we did it anyway.

However, there are many people where bringing money to closing is just not possible. What would you do if you had a better job opportunity that would require you to move BUT you were upside down on your mortgage by 200 grand or so? A loan mod won’t work and you don’t qualify for a Short Sale. Do you just stay in your house? Or do you walk?

My question is…..Why won’t the lenders do a Short Sale anyway?  Why does there have to be a hardship? Why can’t the hardship be that you are stuck in a situation that is not going to change for a decade or more? I mean let’s face it, at some point, MOST people will need to sell. Unless they have an option to Short Sale without proving a hardship they are screwed and we are screwed.

One of my Sellers received this today:

  • I have reviewed the information submitted and the sellers do not qualify for any liquidation options. They are showing a large surplus income and they do qualify for home savings options. I need to know that they are interested in pursuing home retention and would need a rescinding of the listing so that we can proceed with home saving options. I need to know this no later than Friday, May 22nd.

That “large surplus income” is from the husband who makes about $700 a week and a wife who is on unemployment. They owe over $200,000 on a property that is worth $60,000. They have never refinanced. Hubby’s job relocated him to  a different store and he now has to commute over 100 miles a day FURTHER than when they bought the house.

This property will now be foreclosed on even though I have a cash buyer under contract at a price higher than the property will be worth in a few months. This foreclosure, that is avoidable, will drag property values down even further in this neighborhood.

The owners credit will be shot, the Buyer misses out on a good buy, the neighborhood’s values will take another hit, I wasted 2 months of my time and the Lender…….will get some more money from us, the tax payers.

Does this suck or what?





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Step right up folks!! See why REALTORS(R) suck?

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Want to buy a house?Jeff Corbett wrote a post recently titled Survey Says…Realtors Suck.

His post was about a California Association of REALTORS(R) survey that was released in July of 2008. If you have the time give it a read. The post and the survey.

So……why is it that so many REALTORS(R) suck? They’ve all been through very intense (joke) licensing requirements and passed a very difficult (more joking) multiple choice test. They’ve also jumped through all the bureaucracy at the Board of Realtors (wrote a check) and have had numerous training sessions with their Broker on how to complete purchase contracts, sales techniques, customer service and so forth (now I’m cracking myself up!).

So what is it that’s wrong? What’s missing? Could it be that the lure of big bucks and large commission splits is blinding REALTORS(R) and keeping them from seeing the importance of proper training? Should they be asking about training instead of money?

I mean let’s face it, if you are not properly trained there will be no commissions to split. This business has always been difficult and in this changing market it is even more so. It would make much more sense to take 50% of something than 100% of nothing. But hey, the almighty dollar and the dream of getting it is a very alluring carrot. Dangle it and they will come.

Or maybe, it’s the popular Real Estate business model where the entire plan is to rent desk space. Got a license? Come on in. You can use our name for the low, low fee of $1,200 per month. We are world wide and you can’t help but to succeed. Step right up and sign on the dotted line and bring your friends. The more the merrier. We have more REALTORS(R) than anybody. Don’t pay now, pay later! And pay and pay and pay and pay and pay.

They forget to tell you that 6 months later you will be broke, beaten and spit out. But that’s OK they have a line of people waiting to rent your desk.

Now I am a firm believer in Real Estae Companies having the freedom to work with whatever business plan they choose. Freedom of choice is what makes this country the greatest country on the planet. However, in my opinion, these high split, low training companies are not for the novice REALTOR(R). For a new REALTOR(R) training is everything. No training, no money. It’s as simple as that.

My biggest pet peeve is this: The consumer, when hiring a REALTOR(R) should be able to assume, at a minimum, that their REALTOR(R), is knowledgeable, professional, ethical, competent and able to guide them on what may be the single largest financial transaction of their lives. To be anything less than this, should be a crime.

What can we do about it? I just don’t know. It’s going to be very hard to tighten up Sate laws. People have the right to pursue a career. It’s hard to regulate incompetence. How about our REALTOR(R) associations? Could they require training? Could new REALTORS(R0 be required to attend several weeks worth of contract law and ethics classes prior to becoming a REALTOR(R)?

I think so. I truly think this would help. It would certainly be better than the current system of just writing a check. We are REALTOS(R). We do not need laws to change to be able to step up to the plate and train our members. Let’s make being a REALTOR(R) really mean something to the consumer. The consumer should not have to assume anything. They should be able to know for a fact that their REALTOR(R) has at least the minimum requirements to perform their duties.

So step right up folks. Let’s get it right. Let’s turn our side show into the main attraction! Come one, come all to the greatest show on earth!

Are you a Florida REALTOR(R) looking for a change? Check it out.


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My job sucks!

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What a tuff week!!!

Hi folks. Well…..I made it through another week. Here are some funny things that happened this week.

1. One of my Sellers gave me fake pay check stubs that his boss “created” so he could show a lower income to his Lender and qualify for a Short Sale.  

2. We made an offer on a REO, sight unseen, only to find out the pictures in the MLS were of the wrong house.

3. Had a Buyer interested in a $32,000 REO property that was offering a co-broke of 2% MINUS a $250 transaction fee. For anyone math challenged that’s $390.

4. Chase can’t locate one of my Short Sale packages. It has 275 pages!

5. I got all excited about a $550,000 listing only to find out it’s now worth $150,000.

6. Just listed a $90,000 Short sale that has annual taxes of over $7,000! The tax payment will be higher than the mortgage. Think it’ll sell?  

7. Six weeks into my only transaction, that’s not a Short Sale, the Mortgage Broker called to say she just found a student loan and we…………flucker!

8.  The average sales price in my market has dropped from $220,000 to $65,000 in the last 24 months. OK so this one’s not too funny.

Tomorrow, I’m going fishin!!!

Are you a Florida REALTOR(R) looking for a change? Check it out.


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Pithy Post from Broker Bryant

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Can I shoot your gun TLW?Something to think about:

A good listing Agent has the ability to analyze market data and is able to present it in a way to “sell” the seller on pricing properly. This is actually one area that a lot of Agents and Sellers get wrong. They believe it’s what we do after we take the listing that gets the property sold when the reality is it’s what we do at time of listing that gets it sold.

At least that’s what I beleive. Am I right?

Are you a Florida REALTOR(R) looking for a change? Check it out.


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Happy Mother’s Day TLW!

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Hey Hun, after all we have been through in the last 9 months I thought I’d repost this for ya. It’s all true you know? Just don’t make me say it 🙂

Have I ever told you guys how lucky I am? No? OK so here goes. I am sooooooo lucky. “But Broker Bryant you always said you weren’t lucky, that your success was earned and that you worked real hard to get where you are and luck had nothing to do with it.” OK, OK maybe I wasn’t 100% truthful.

I was very, very lucky. I was lucky the day a Mother came into my life 27 years ago. Yep that’s right. L…U…C…K…Y!!!! I remember it well. After a very hard night of waiting tables I strolled across the parking lot to the bar next door from the restaurant I worked in. I didn’t drink at the time so hadn’t been in there in a while, but that night I decided to pop over and do a little dancing to wind down. Just so you know, I was a very good dancer in my younger days.

Anyway, I walked up to the bar to order a soda water and lime and folks…I was served by an angel!!! Yep, that’s right. A real live angel hand picked especially for me. My wife. The one and only TLW.

We have been together ever since. I was also lucky that TLW had two beautiful twin boys who became a very important part of my life. Did I tell you how beautiful my wife is? How about how smart and strong and caring she is? Did I tell you she still brings a smile to my face everyday? Did I tell you how empty life would be with out her? Well if not, she is and always will be, my little angel.

Happy Mothers Day TLW! Thanks for putting up with my crap for so long. Shhhh……don’t tell her I posted this.

Me and my hot mama!

We were so young once.

Limited Service. Is it true you get what you pay for?

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Bam!!! Shot me a discounterMy last post had some interesting comments about Limited Service Listings. Here’s a portion of my favorite one:

“I can’t understand limited Service at all. It’s stupid to say the least! Wreckless at the worst. Just plain neglegent at best. Limited service implies low ball commission. Either list for full service or let em go!”

It’s my opinion that the consumer SHOULD have choices as one size does not fit all. In addition to the Traditional Real Estate Company here are a few of the more popular choices that a consumer has.

Internet Companies: This business model is basically a virtual Real Estate Brokerage. Usually they charge less commission and offer less service than a traditional Real Estate Company. These types of businesses may be a good choice for an educated consumer. I have sold many homes sight unseen over the Internet. All were my own listings and I was able to pass a savings onto my Seller which in reality saved the Buyer money because the Seller was able to accept a lower purchase price. These ABMs normally offer an incentive to the Buyers by way of a commission rebate and may offer the Seller an incentive by charging less. is a good example.

Buyer Rebate Company: These companies usually concentrate their efforts on working with Buyers. This could be in an Agency (Fiduciary) capacity or in a non-agency relationship (Transaction Brokerage). Their business plan is to entice Buyers to work with them by offering a rebate or credit at time of closing. They may very well offer the same Buyer services as a Traditional Brokerage. It’s a numbers game. Lower gross commissions mean they have to do more business. By being on the Buyer side only, they may have lower expenses, since they are not in the business of marketing listings. It puts them in a good position to pass some of this savings on to the Buyer. In my opinion, this too is a viable business plan and has a legitimate place in the market. The downside to this business model is that they are very much dependent on a Traditional Brokerage offering “full” co-broke commissions. If we didn’t they would have a hard time surviving. A good example is Buyer Rebates Realty.

MLS For A Fee or Limiteed Service: This model is exactly what the name states. They will list your property in the MLS for a fee. Normally it is a very small fee and then you can purchase additional services separately or as part of a package. Fees are normally paid in advance. This type of company makes money off the Buyers. The listings are the “bait” and the Buyers are the “catch”. The business plan is to get as many listings as they can get to attract Buyers. Normally, in addition to paying the flat fee the Sellers are also required to offer a co-broke to the Selling side. If you like working with Buyers this could be a very profitable business. Some offer full service to the Sellers some offer very limited to no service to the Sellers. For a knowledgeable Seller, that has the time to do the work, this may very well be a good choice. But again, this business model depends on a “full” co-broke being offered to make money. FlatFeeListing is a very good example.

Now folks, you’re probably wondering why I’m giving attention to these ABMS(Alternative Business Models) and why am I giving them links from my Blog. Well why not? I’m not threatened by them nor am I competing against them. I firmly believe the consumer should have choices. I believe in a free economy and I believe these ABMs have just as much right to do business their way, as I do, to do business my way. I offer full service and bring a lot of value to the table. My customers know that and are willing to pay me fairly for what I do. I charge a fair rate for my services. I’m not the cheapest and I’m not the most expensive. My rate/fee/commission is just right for what I bring to the table. 

So here’s the deal. Why not let the consumer decide who to work with based on THEIR needs. Isn’t it supposed to be about them? What say you? 

Are you a Florida REALTOR(R) looking for a change? Check it out.


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We have a Code of Ethics for a reason. Here’s one.

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Don't make me sic TLW on ya!!!!Hi Nasty REALTOR(R),
My Seller, Ms Nice Lady, just forwarded me this email from you:
“I am not comfortable in working with a realtor that can’t give me a code so that I can show a home.  You should not be comfortable working with a realtor that can’t offer anymore assistance than this.  There are a LOT of buyers out there right now.  You are missing out on a huge opportunity as a seller.  Perhaps you might be interested in changing realtors.  This obviously isn’t working for you.”

The showing instructions for Ms Nice Lady’s unit are in  the MLS. I’m not quite sure why you had difficulty getting the code since all you had to do was click on the “Request a Showing” button. Any way your email coming from a REALTOR(R) is very disheartening. Ms Nice Lady chose the level of service that she needed since she is a very experienced Seller and knows that I am only a phone call away if she needs me.
In the future, please refrain from these types of comments since it is a clear violation of our REALTOR(R) CoE.
Article 15


  • REALTORS® shall not knowingly or recklessly make false or misleading statements about competitors, their businesses, or their business practices. (Amended 1/92)

I take this stuff very serious. However, this time, I will let it slide. Please conduct yourself accordingly in the future.

You know this is the first time I have EVER taken a Limited Service Listing. The Seller happens to be a friend of mine who has bought and sold numerous properties from me over the years. This email pissed her off as it did me. I know I would never send a Seller an email like this. Would you?

Are you a Florida REALTOR(R) looking for a change? Check it out.


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Short Sale Confidential!

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Is it?OK…… here’s a good one for you. What are you doing to ensure your Short Sale Submission Package is kept confidential? More importantly, what are the Lenders doing to ensure this information is kept confidential?

Let me be a little more specific. How can we guarantee to our Sellers that their bank statements, tax returns, financial statements and social security numbers are not being stolen/sold/copied/shared by the hourly employee who receives the Short Sale Submission Package on the other end?

Have you thought about this before? Do you have a solution? I don’t.





Short Sale Basics

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Blogging..Push me Pull me marketingHi Folks. I know I’ve written about this topic on several occasions but I feel it’s worth repeating. Don’t wait for people to find your blog, PUSH it at them. The way I look at it is, I spend a lot of time and effort putting together blog articles. Just about every thing anyone could ever want to know about Real Estate in Poinciana Fl, what I do and how I do it, I have already written about. Why not use it?   

Here’s an Email I recently sent out:

Hi Mr New Seller,  

I have attached the listing agreement for your review and signatures. Also, there is a 5 page “Property Disclosure” that needs to be completed. Please initial ALL pages and sign/date where indicated. I will pick up the key from xxxxxx Realty on my way over to the house tomorrow morning.

OK a couple of points:

My suggestion is to Range Price the property from $179,000 to $189,000 trying to sell as close to $185,000 as possible. By pricing this way, I am able to enter the property into the MLS(Multiple listing service) at the lower price in the Range. This will make your property the best priced home of it’s size in Poinciana. This will increase our showings and increase our chances of getting offers. When priced this way, the first line in the public remarks will read: “This property is Range Priced. The seller will consider offers between $179,000 and $189,000 with $189,000 being a full price offer” We are basically inviting offers.

This LINK will explain Range Pricing in more detail.

Also, we will advertise in the listing, that the Seller will contribute towards the Buyer’s closing costs at the right price. Buyers ARE going to ask for closing costs. You can count on it. The maximum allowable is normally 3%. They are going to ask and they are going to expect it. So count on about $5,800. With the Range Pricing we will just have to negotiate accordingly. If we are giving…. they are paying.

Paying Buyer’s Closing Costs

Mr New Seller, I want to thank you again for the opportunity. I know time is of the essence and I will do everything I can to get this house sold quickly. If we need to make adjustments I will let you know immediately.

Please send the contract and disclosure back to me at FX 863-xxx-xxxx or you can scan and email.   Give me a call with any questions you may have.

OK, I know this is a very stressful time for you and your family. So here you go……have a laugh at my expense.

Broker Bryant’s Redneck Counter Offer

Now wasn’t that fun? 

So simple…..yet so effective. “Pushing” your articles at folks is another easy way to enhance your communications. Whay say you?

****Image used with permission of Mount Lehman Llamas. Thanks Brian!

Are you a Florida REALTOR(R) looking for a change? Check it out.


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