Burning down the house!

Laid up today with a back problem. Since I work from my home I am spending the day on ActiveRain reading, learning, commenting and posting. Very enjoyable as usual. My wife the lovely lady that she is decided she would take over the cooking duties today and proceeded to make me my favorite “sloppy mac” for lunch. Well being the “wonderful” cook that she is she caught the kitchen on fire! Something to do with cooking pasta for 45 minutes on high while going outside to play with the dogs. After being alerted by the smoke detector I managed to roll myself out of bed and crawl to the fire extinguisher located in the kitchen mounted on the wall in the pantry. A few minutes later and the fire was put out and my house survived.

Fortunately for me at the beginning of the year I had done my annual review of safety equipment and insurances policies. My smoke detectors had been tested, the fire extinguisher was serviced, my homeowners insurance was reviewed and modified to reflect the new value of my house, all of my important documents were placed in a fire proof safe, the back up battery on the security system was checked and my will was updated.

While my wife is on her way to Subway to get my now long overdue lunch I think I will make my way back into the kitchen to get the “take out” menus out of the oven. I heard her mention something about making tuna casserole tomorrow and I don’t need her……Burning down the house!

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