ActiveRain Mortgage/Housing Crisis Resource.

 Hey guys. I took a little time today to put together this resource for you. In case you hadn't noticed there were some excellent posts written over the last few days relating to the mortgage crisis. I've placed all the links in one place so I can send it to my Sellers. This is good stuff.

Ten  Nine Writers with close to 200 years and 1,000s of closed transactions in experience writing their opinions on the mortgage crisis. These writers are Real Estate Brokers, Mortgage Experts, Fraud Experts and Title Agents who work everyday in the trenches. 

This compilation truly shows the power of ActiveRain. Use it.


Ed Rybczynski-Mortgage Fraud Speaker and Expert located in MD

Lenn Harley-Broker/Owner in VA and MD

Broker Bryant-Broker/Owner in Central FL.

Carole Cohen-REALTOR® in Cleveland OH

Renee Burrows-REALTOR® in Las Vegas NV

Gena Riede-Associate Broker in Sacramento CA

Janet Guilbault-Mortgage Expert in San Francisco CA

Fran Gaspari-Title Agent with over 35 years experience-Limerick PA

Kaye Thomas-REALTOR® with 28 years experience in Manhattan Beach CA.

Brian Brady-Mortgage Expert and hard money Lender-San Diego CA

Lola Audo-Broker/Owner located in Grand Rapids MI

Gabriel Silverstein-Broker/Owner in Chicago IL with over $1 Billion in Real Estate Experience.

Mike Jones-Mortgage Expert located in Tucson AZ

Bob Mitchell-Owner/Broker and Mortgage Broker-Saint Louis MO

Bill Roberts-Real Estate Broker-San Diego CA

By the way, if I missed any posts please place a link in the comments section and I'll add it if it's suitable.

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***Edited: I had to remove one of the post from Ed Rybczynski and the post from Brian Brady. I didn't realize they were for "members only". This post is public so they had to go. Sorry about that.

***2nd Edit:: Ed made his post public so I added it back in. I also added a new post from Lenn. I will contune to add to this list as posts come up.

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