All Your Short Sale Questions – Answered


What more can I add? This is an awesome opportunity to Learn, Know and Grow.


Via Wendy Rulnick “Its Wendy!” Destin Short Sales (Rulnick Realty, Inc.):

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Are you a short sale specialist? Are your hands cramped from using the phone?  Is your neck permanently twisted from being on hold all day? Are you tired of your faxes getting lost, buyers walking and your files being closed?  What is going on?  How can you improve your short sale processing and get an “edge” on success?  Well, we’ve got a solution for you.

On Saturday, August 29, at 11:00 Eastern, Bryant Tutas and I will be interviewing a working short sale negotiator from a “Top 5” Servicer.  Believe me, this is a big bank that you have likely dealt with, but he has to remain anonymous or he could lose his job .  Friends, we’ve lassoed a big one for you to answer any short sale questions you’ve ever had.  Get out your calendars, pen and paper and get ready!

Do you want to know:

What is the best question to ask when you follow up on your short sale?

What are the short sale phone reps looking at on their computer screens?

How are all those faxes separated and imaged in?

What qualifications do short sale negotiators have?

Why do they tell you “No” when it makes sense to you?

Why do they deny your BPO and comps?

Do they care if the buyer is going to “walk”?

What is going on with your package after two months of waiting?

What happens with Fannie Mae files?

What agents get the best treatment and why?

What would the negotiator tell you if they were allowed?

What can you do to mess up your chance of approval?

Why do they cut your commission when they are the junior lien?

How can you get them to reduce the promissory note or cash contribution?

If you want answers to these questions and more, join me and Bryant Tutas when we interview The Negotiator of a “Top 5” Servicer this Saturday, August 29 at 11:00 Eastern. 

It is not necessary to be there live – we will send the recorded MP3 for everyone who signs up.  The cost is a modest $27 to pay him for his time. 

So, get in YOUR questions.  This is real, this is “insider”, and this information is going to help YOU! …..  Sign up below!


Wendy Rulnick, Broker, Rulnick Realty, Inc.

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