Are Short Sales *&^%$ You Off?

Frustrated brokerI know I spend way too much time on hold with Lenders. It can be very frustrating. After holding for 30 minutes or more you finally get a representative that has no information for you at all. It all just seems like a big waste of time.

Or even better….you get an approval you have been waiting on for 5 months only to see they have the wrong Buyer!!

Or…after 6 months of nothing you get a request for information and are given a deadline of 24 hours before they close the file.

Or…you get the right Buyer approved only to find out the Buyer closed on another house yesterday!!

All of these things can make the life of a Short Sale Broker very stressful. But you know? These things are really not important in the grand scheme of things. Personally I quit stressing over Short Sales. Life is just too short (no pun intended). I just do the best I can and then let the chips fall where they may.

My sanity is mine. And I’m keeping it.

If you really want to see how insignificant all of this really is……click here. (After you go to the link click on the picture).

Be awed. It’s good for the soul.

Do NOT be foreclosed on! Avoid foreclosure. Short Sales DO close.

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