Are you a toolman or a salesman?

Sold!!! By Broker BryantOK, I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment, here I am again addressing Brett Wilson and the Barries over at Real Estate Radio USA. By the way, if you haven't listened to their show or read their blog, please pay them a visit. It's interesting and entertaining. I don't have to agree with folks to appreciate what they do.

The reality is we agree on more things than not. We just express ourselves differently. Their message on ActiveRain, unfortunately, is diminished because of the presentation.

Anyway, unless you have been living under a rock you have probably read the big debate this week on my post, Real Estate Radio USA and Broker Bryant Solve World Peace. Or not!!!. That discussion has made it full circle and I can truly say…I didn't learn anything!! Except for I am unable to provide the answers the Barries and Brett are looking for. But that's OK. Last I checked, they don't owe me any money and they are not my target market. So I'll just leave it at….I do business differently than them.

This post is not about "How do you justify your high commission?"

This post is about being a salesman. Brett has continually asked me to provide information that will help the 85% of REALTORS® who are struggling in their business. In fact, he even wonders why we don't try to do that on ActiveRain. Well, my response was, read the 400+ posts that I have written. I have shared, with new or struggling REALTORS®, everything they could possibly ever need to know about how to be successful. But of course, I know, most will NEVER utilize the things I have shared. I also know Brett and the Barries will never take the time to read my posts. Why should they? My methods are antiquated. At least that's what they think.

Se here's my advice for anyone wanting to start a career in Real Estate or improve on what they are currently doing. Spend a couple of weeks and read everything I have written. And also read the things that others who are successful have written. We are successful for a reason……we know what we are doing. This has nothing to do with being able to "Justify our high commission".

Next, learn how to be a salesman. All the advice, tools, teams, marketing, blogging, playing on Trulia or whatever will NOT work if you don't know how to sell. These things also won't work if you don't know how to price a property properly. No amount of Web 2 expertise, advertising, bonuses, rebates, free cars etc…will sell an over priced listing. Heck….the Barries are Investors. Do you think they would buy an overpriced property? Nope… ain't ever going to happen.

Pricing is critical. I will concede that the consumer can log onto Trulia, Zillow or Cyberhomes and get a pretty good idea of what their property is worth. BUT…..rarely, will they agree with what this information is telling them. Sellers will price their properties based on their emotions. Certainly theirs is "the best house on the block" and there ain't no way in hell "they are giving their home away". A salesman knows how to "sell them" on where they need to price it to get it sold. Worth has nothing to do with proper pricing.

According to Brett: "In fact I think the person bringing the buyer should get 100% of the commission. It takes absolutely no skill to list a property. Most agents, including BB, spend little if any money marketing the property and as such the person who actually EARNS the money is the agent bringing the Buyer."

Brett, unfortunately, if you believe this, then you would be one of the 85% of REALTORS® that will fail. I, and others like me, will be coming behind you, after your listing has expired and you have failed, and telling the Sellers what they need to hear. We will be "selling the Seller" so that we can then sell their property. If you can't sell the Seller you will NEVER sell their property. All of your Web 2 abilities, 25 step marketing plan, power team etc…would have been for naught. You would have wasted your money and the Seller's time.

The reason us old timers dinosaurs keep preaching the same old rhetoric is because it works. Salesmanship is number one, by far, in what it takes to be a success, be it in Real Estate or any other business.

If you know how to sell you do not have to "justify your high commission." The act of selling, in and of itself, answers this question before it is even asked.

So, if you are struggling, LEARN HOW TO SELL!!!. If you can't learn this skill then don't bother getting in or staying in the business….as a salesperson. Maybe I'll hire you to syndicate my listings for $12 an hour. Maybe not.

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