Blogging Bertha Drama Queen****Rerun****

Bite me!!!Today is the day that ROAR! Productions wanted to unveil a new Blogging Bertha video but with the writers strike going on we couldn’t find any good scripts. Then, as fate would have it, we started reading about all the drama on ActiveRain this past week and decided to go ahead and rerun the very first Blogging Bertha video. TLW and I felt it was fitting.

Also, we want to let you know that Blogging Bertha does have a special treat planned for the Holiday period. She has something she has been working on that she is going to want to share with you. So stay tuned!!!

WARNING: Please clear your computer area of any beverages that may spill or could be projected from your mouth. We take no responsibility for computer damage.

DISCLAIMER: This character is fictitious and completely a figment of our imagination. Any resemblance to folks either past or present is strictly a coincidence. Or not!

OK, having said all that, here you go. Turn up your sound and enjoy.

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***Video and picture are the property of TLW and ROAR! Productions. If you take it she will shoot you. 

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