Blogging, features and high school. Are they related?

Broker Bryant in high school

Can you guess which one is me?

OK folks, here’s something I don’t do that often, a blog post about blogging. I know…I know….booooring.

But every now and then I just feel I need to get it out there.

There have been quite a few posts lately about “Featured posts”. And as usual the conversation gets around to the “popular” bloggers. I happen to be one of those “popular” bloggers  and have been pretty much since the beginning of AR. In fact I think I may have had the first featured post ever. Since then I have had…..are you ready? 259 featured posts!! There…I said it

Is that fair? I doubt it. In fact there have been times where I didn’t even want to post because I knew it was going to be featured and I felt embarrassed about it. Just last week I asked to have a post removed from the dashboard.

Maybe I do get featured too often. BUT I have no control over what gets featured. That’s up to whoever has the power to feature posts. I don’t solicit features, comments, subscriptions or readers. I just write and post.

I do however have a blogging plan. I always have and I stick to it.

This is what works for me. You have to find your own plan and style.

***In my opinion, there are several things that contribute to having a successful, well read blog on AR. First and foremost is providing good content that folks will want to read. I’ve found that in order to achieve this, a blog post has to be:

  • Informative
  • Easy to read
  • Eye appealing
  • Entertaining

You can put out the most informative post possible but if it is lacking in the other areas, it will get passed by. Folks like an easy read and they like to be entertained. The key to writing is to try and find a balance in these areas. You also have to be consistent. People have to know what to expect when they click on your blog. You need an overall theme.

It also helps to post at the same time and on the same days of the week. And don’t post too often. I post 3 or 4 times a week. This builds anticipation.

You also have to be consistent in the “personality” of your posts. It has to be real, not fake. People can tell the difference.

Our personal lives, our business and AR are ALL built more successfully by being likable. It’s human nature for people to gravitate towards people or things that make them feel good about themselves. This is where the social side of ActiveRain comes in.

Interacting with your peers by commenting is imperative if you want to be noticed. And not just commenting but commenting well. Well thought out comments that add to the post AND comments that make the writer feel good about themselves.

You don’t have to agree with what they write. You can certainly have strong opinions and debates BUT debate the topic and respect the person. Good communication skills mean you can disagree with some one without being negative. No one likes negative people. If you have a reputation for being negative you are dead in the water. Negative is:

  • Whining,
  • Moaning,
  • Constantly complaining
  • Belittling others

If you do these things you will fail in life, business and on AR.

When I read posts, talking about “cliques”, the “popular” people and blah blah blah, I truly don’t know how to respond. Am I supposed to be ashamed of being popular? Should I try harder to be not liked? Should I change my writing style? Should I defend myself? Or should I just consider the source and ignore it? I just don’t know.

And that’s all I have to say about that. For now. What say you?

***I am not a blogging expert. I’m just a real estate broker that likes to share what I know. Hopefully it will help.

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