Broker Bryant…Why are you now a vendorslut?

VendorslutFirst…I need to credit Greg Swann over at BloodHoundBlog for coining the word “Vendorslut”. I guess this refers to all the “whoring” companies do to try and separate REALTORS(R) from their money. I know I get calls and emails all day long from companies trying to sell me something that’s going to make me successful with Real Estate. It gets old real quick. 

Anyway….as most of you may know by now, I too am now selling a product. I’ve had several people ask me why Wendy and I are charging for Short Sale Basics. If we truly want to help people then why not just make these webinars free? I feel that’s a good question that deserves an answer.

Now I can’t answer for Wendy but for me, I have been wanting to get more involved with educating for years. In fact, I found ActiveRain from participating on a Real Estate forum on our Florida Association of REALTORS(R) website. This was a great site where REALTORS(R) from around the State could log on,  ask questions and get support. I was one of a handful of Brokers that would answer their questions. I really  enjoyed it.

Then I found ActiveRain. I continued teaching and training by writing about my everyday Real Estate practice. My writing style has always been geared towards educating my peers and the consumer alike. I’m not a Real Estate guru or expert. I’m just a small time Broker in a small town market that knows his stuff. I LOVE Real Estate! I’m a student of Real Estate. And I’m a teacher of Real Estate.

For several years now folks have been asking me to write a book about Real Estate. They feel the practical way I handle my business is something people would be interested in reading about and learning from. But, due to life circumstances, I have never gotten around to writing that book. However, I still have the desire to teach. This desire has been tugging at me. It wants out. So I finally decided to launch a webinar series.

Once I made up my mind to launch the webinar the topic “Short Sale Basics” just seemed like the logical choice. For one, Short Sales are about 90% of my business right now and secondly I know a lot of REALTORS(R) are struggling with them.

I personally started pursuing Short Sales diligently about a year ago. I’m just now hitting my stride. Since my experience with Short Sales is mostly just now gaining momentum I knew I needed to bring on an expert. That’s where Wendy comes in. Wendy is far more experienced than I and has closed 100s of Short Sales. Wendy and I have spoken many times and not only did we “click” but we have the same work ethics and philosophies when it comes to our businesses and Short Sales. She was the perfect match and accepted my offer without hesitation.

“Broker Bryant, the question was why are you charging for this webinar?”

We are charging because……………..we want to make tons of money. We are blood sucking Vendorsluts who prey on REALTORS(R) who are looking for that magic pill that will turn their career around. How’s that?

Oops! Sorry about that. I got carried away. We are charging because Wendy and I are spending tons of our time putting these classes together. We are on the phone and emailing each other for hours everyday tweaking the classes and coming up with course materials. We are designing a Short Sale Basics website for our students. This website is being set up as a “social” network. It will be a place where our students can come for support and guidance long after the webinar is complete. Short Sale Basics is so much more than just a 5 part training webinar. In fact the webinar is just the beginning. The webinar is just to get you started.

The webinar is going to walk you through a Short Sale transaction from beginning to end. It will give you the confidence needed to go out and help some folks. And our Short Sale Basics Network will be there to help you every step of the way. That’s it I’m done. Any questions?

Short Sale Basics

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