"Broker Bryant, will you list our house?"

 Today, I'm going to write about my week as a listing Broker. Not quite sure where this is going to end up but let's see what I can come up with. Maybe, it will be educational, maybe not. Either way it will be my post for today. Sometimes, I just have to start typing to get the juices flowing.

I had a pretty busy week when it comes to taking listings. I took five new ones. Several are in different stages of being made market ready so won't hit the system for a week or two. But what I thought was interesting was the diversity in the way these folks decided to do business with me. I wasn't in competition for any of them. They basically just called me and said "list my house". That's pretty normal for me but I still like it when it happens.

The first listing is a house owned by an out of State mortgage broker. I had met him in late 2005. He was the MB for a Buyer, that was purchasing one of my listings, with the help of another REALTOR®. Well, I spoke to him several times during the course of the transaction, as I always do, and after the deal closed I ended up asking him if he wanted to buy a property in Florida. Well he did, so I sold him one of my listings, sight unseen, over the Internet. His plans, for the house, have changed so he called me this week to place it on the market and sell it for him. OK, I can do that! So by taking the time to form a relationship over the phone, I will end up with two sales.

The second Seller called me off my expired letter. As you know I send them out daily to every expired and withdrawn listing in my area and have for years. His house has been on the market for three months at $240,000. I just listed at $185,000 to $195,000!!!! That's right folks. His property was overpriced by 20%!!! My goodness, I'm glad he called. He's out of State and the house is costing him money every month. So by sending out my expired letter, religiously everyday, I just got a very clean and priced to sell, listing. Yippee!!!

My third listing, came from a guy who works for the local water company. His job is driving around all day turning water service on and off. He called because he sees my signs everywhere and always notices that the "For Sale" riders are getting changed to "Sold" riders very quickly. His perception is that I am the only one selling houses. Why is that? Well, I'll tell you why. First, I am selling properties, but most importantly, I am one of the only REALTORS® in Poinciana, that changes the rider as soon as my property goes pending. I get tons of listings from doing that one simple thing.

OK, my fourth listing, was a referral from one of my current Sellers. Even though I haven't sold their house yet, they have been telling everyone about me. Why? Because I am sooooooo good looking! Oops! that's not right. Sorry, I got carried away. They tell folks about me because of my communication skills. I am in constant contact with my Sellers. I call them all the time. They are my friends. So like friends do, they refer me business.

Now, my fifth one, I really like. These folks called me because of something I used to do ten years ago!!!! When TLW and I first opened Tutas Towne Realty, Poinciana only had about 10,000 people and had one grocery store, the Winn Dixie. Everyone shopped at the Winn Dixie. At that time, I drove a green Sebring convertible and used to put my magnetic signs on the side and cruise through the Winn Dixie parking lot, with my top down, waving at people, smiling and just having a good ole' time!! I would do this several times a day and I did it for a few years. I was a happy guy, so I would have my stereo playing. I'd be singing, waving and talking to people. It was my own little, one man parade. Well, these folks saw me doing this several times, wrote my number down and knew that when the time came for them to sell, they would call me. Ten years later, they did. How cool is that?

"OK, Broker Bryant, there you go bragging again. What's your point?" My point is, I did absolutely nothing special. These things required no skill whatsoever. All that was required was doing little things, everyday, to move my business forward. Anyone can do it. But will you?

  • Be friendly when talking with others in the business.
  • Have a daily plan whether it's mailing an expired letter or making calls. The key being daily. Just do it!
  • Little things can make a big difference. Changing the sign rider is so simple but brings me lots of business.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate. Don't have any thing good to report? Call your Sellers anyway. Let them know you are on the job.
  • Be visible in your community. Don't be a "secret agent." Put a smile on and get out there.

That's it. Broker Bryant's Real Estate Ramblings for today. Now, if I can just figure out how to get Buyers to buy I'll be back in business. What say you?

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