Broker Bryants going to throw mud at you!

To blog or not to blog, that is the question. Well here it is the day before Thanksgiving and I have been asking myself this question all day. I've been talking to myself "Broker Bryant"(Now not only do I talk to myself but I call myself Broker Bryant) anyway, "Broker Bryant, to blog or not to blog? that is the question." Well, since you are reading this, you know how I answered myself. "Yep, let's write a blog post." So, here goes.

I have a closing coming up on Monday. Yesterday I received a written, condition free, final mortgage approval from the Lender. That's a good thing. Then a few minutes later I received a 10 page home inspection report, from the Buyer's Realtor, with a hand written (chicken scratched) note, that stated, "see what you can do about this." See what I can do about this! Now this is not something you want to get the day before Thanksgiving and five days prior to closing. The problem is, the inspection was done on the 3rd of November. That's almost three weeks ago. According to the contract the Buyer had 10 days to do the inspection and 48 hours to request any repair items in writing to the Seller. So they have been out of the contingency period for about 19 days. Needless to say I was not pleased to be getting a repair request this far into the transaction. So what do you do?

First, I have been asking this Realtor for a repair addendum since the inspection was completed almost 3 weeks ago. I spoke to her again last week and she said that the buyer was fine with everything since they had not gotten back with her about repairs. Well, OK then, I will consider their non-action and the Realtors comment to mean we are good to go. Also, it was an "As Is" sale.

So yesterday, after receiving this request, I called the Realtor to remind her that the time frame for this contingency has expired and therefore the contingency is now considered null and void. Then she said, "OK, but can you make sure it looks real nice for the final walk through?" Now, folks, this is a major problem that is going to come to a head on the day of closing. This Realtor seems to want to just ignore the fact that the Buyer has made repair requests. I can almost assure you that the Buyers have been told by their Realtor that everything will be taken care of. I guess when this comes up on Monday at closing, the Realtor is going to be paying for these items out of her commission. It will be time for Broker Bryant to play a little hard ball. When it comes up I will just have to ask the Realtor to show me the repair addendum where the parties agreed to the repairs. I bet she won't like that. But what can I do? I work for the Seller. Unfortunately, this Realtor is going to have a face full of mud in front of her Buyers. Why do Realtors place themselves in this position? It just doesn't make any sense to me. Time frames in a purchase contract are extremely important. Also, any and all agreements must be in writing and signed by all parties. If not, Broker Bryant is going to throw mud at you and you will be opening up your wallet to appease your Buyers.

So, that's it. My day before Thanksgiving post. I hope you like it. Is that turkey I smell? Must be the neighbors since TLW doesn't cook. But fortunately for us, my brother's fiancée' does. That reminds me, I need to call and make sure he has a wireless internet connection. Happy Thanksgiving to all from "The Lovely Wife" and Broker Bryant.

***Turkey graphic compliments of and another grand daughter. Taylor Ann 14 months old.

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