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 Well here we are, Tuesday afternoon, my day to post and I got nothin'. Yep, that's right, a big ole' goose egg of ideas in my head. How can that be for Pete's sake? I work in real estate. Usually all I have to do is answer the phone once or twice and BAM! Blog fodder out the ying yang. Hey, what does ying yang mean anyway? Whatever it means getting something "out" of it sounds painful! Ouch!!!

OK…..let's see….what did I do today? Oh I know…I removed another listing from the market. That makes 8 listings in 30 days that I have removed. That's more than the previous 3 years combined. I have one more to remove next week and then I will have all fresh inventory. That's been one of my goals over the last few weeks, get rid of some of the hard to sell properties that have just been sitting and replace them with new to the market homes.

In this more difficult market, I feel it is very important to have plenty of fresh properties to sell, it helps to keep me motivated. It also helps to get homes sold. New and fresh is a very good thing.

Hey….I know….I have a closing tomorrow. That's a good thing too. It will be my third one in the last 30 days. I guess I can sit down and pay some more bills tomorrow. Maybe I'll even give TLW $20 so she can go shopping. Nah…better not. Wouldn't want to spoil her.

I'm supposed to have another closing next week but I believe it is heading for the "crash and burn" file real quick. Thirty days into it, while the file was waiting to come out of underwriting, the Lender went belly up and closed their doors. Don't you hate it when that happens? I feel for the Loan Officer who woke up on Friday to find herself out of a job. I always seem to forget about that side of the equation. Every time a Lender goes belly up there are real people with families who lose their jobs. Let's not forget that.

Oops! I almost forgot to tell you about my new listings I placed on the market today. Four new listings with two more coming on later this week. Want to see them? Look here. One is Dale's house from my "Pricing game" post last week. Two are fairly new vacant properties that are priced very well and the fourth one is a short sale. I know…..I said I wasn't going to take any more short sales but hey I'm the boss and can change my mind if I want.

The short sale listing was bought new in mid 2006 for $270,000. I just placed it on the market at $189,000!!! Is that short enough for ya? It's a real nice property though, so, hopefully I'll be able to get ‘er done. Maybe the Lender will cooperate for a change. Or maybe they'll just foreclose and sell it for $150,000 later.

Well, I guess that's all I have to write about today. Broker Bryant's pointless post is complete. Hey…don't get mad at me! I've written over 300 educational and/or informative posts, over the last 16 months, I'm entitled to slack off today. If you leave a comment you'll still get 25 points. Go for it. Give the outside bloggers a reason to laugh at us. I just did.

Picture compliments of Mariana Wagner. Thanks Mariana!!

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