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 OK, the Carnival of Real Estate (CORE) is up over at Marty Van Diest's blog. Folks, if you have never entered the CORE before, it's a great way to drive traffic to your blog. This is a weekly event and is hosted by a different blogger every week. The founders of the CORE are the guys at Zillow and they have done a great job of giving bloggers a fun and educational event every week. So check it out!!! By the way you do NOT have to have another blog to enter, you can enter a post from your ActiveRain blog. So the only thing stopping you from entering is you!

Folks, Marty is now my favorite judge since he decided that my post was good enough to take the top spot this week. Way to go Marty!! This just shows that you don't have to be a rocket scientist, excellent writer or a Real Estate Guru to win a Carnival. Just be yourself and write about what you know. This is actually my 2nd win and TLW, also, won one a while back. Anyone can do it! Here's the link to enter next week.

So here's my post. I'm not crazy about teaser links so I've copy and pasted from my blog. If you do want to check out my blogsite just click on the title and it will take you over. Enjoy!!!


                                                                                        Lead or prospect? Are you buying?

Hi folks! One of the issues, that REALTORS(R) face, is weeding through all the companies that are trying to sell us leads. Most of these companies are doing nothing more than stealing our MLS listings, placing them on a website and then requiring consumers to register in order to view properties. Once they register the companies sell their names and contact information to REALTORS(R). Now most experienced REALTORS(R) know that these so called "leads" are basically worthless and in many cases the same names are sold over and over again.

Unfortunately, this is big business, and in my opinion, it is a thorn in the side of our industry. Newer and inexperienced REALTORS(R) are enticed by the promise of big bucks and instant success from purchasing these "leads", when in fact, all they are doing is throwing their hard earned money down the drain. There is NO quick fix for success in Real Estate. Building a business in Real Estate requires many years of hard work and focused advertising and farming directed at our chosen market areas be it a demographic or a geographic niche. Experienced, successful REALTORS(R) know this. We generate our own leads by spending time and money on effective advertising to our markets.

A lead, to me, is someone who has been referred to me from one of my past satisfied customer/clients or someone who is responding to my marketing efforts. They have found me from my web site, my blogsite or are responding to a direct mail out or print ad in their area. They are contacting me, to hire me, not interview me. They know who I am and they know what I offer. They know these things because I have spent years getting my name out there and building my reputation as the "go to guy" in my area. That is a lead.

The "leads", these "lead mills" are selling, are NOT leads they are prospects. A prospect, is someone who may or may not sell or purchase a home, sometime in the future. Usually when Venus aligns with Mars. A lead is ready to buy or sell today. They are calling to work with me now, not later.

Now, having said all that, the market in my area is very difficult right now. I am exploring alternative ways to generate income. So I, Broker Bryant, have decided to get into the "lead" selling business. I figure a lot of REALTORS(R) are suffering in their business right now and it would be the right time for me to try and help them out. My leads are good and they're cheap. Don't believe me? Watch the video below. It will explain, in further detail, my new lead generating program. Select areas are still available. I'll be looking forward to your phone call.



My previous CORE winner:

"The proof is in the puddin'" Range Pricing Part 1,275!

TLW's CORE winner:

If They Don't….They Won't Get Paid…Meow….Roar!!

***Graphic compliments of Ali Payne. Thanks Ali!!!

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