Dear Pesky REALTOR(R)………..

Yum yum.....meat!!!Sometimes, you just got to do what you got to do.

Dear Pesky REALTOR(R),

I have just received ANOTHER call from one of my sellers mentioning your recent mailer. It seems this mailer has a little hand written note on the back mentioning their days on market. So it is obvious that this is not just a general mailer but one that is specifically directed at active listings. Anyway, this is a violation of our Code of Ethics.

Standard of Practice 16-2(paragraph 3)

  • …………Second, mail or other forms of written solicitations of prospects whose properties are exclusively listed with another REALTOR® when such solicitations are not part of a general mailing but are directed specifically to property owners identified through compilations of current listings, "for sale" or "for rent" signs, or other sources of information required by Article 3 and Multiple Listing Service rules to be made available to other REALTORS® under offers of subagency or cooperation. (Amended 1/04)

Now, I will of course give you the benefit of doubt and assume this is not what you are doing. However, if it is, please accept this email as a cease and desist order. If I continue to get these calls I will be forced to canvass the neighborhood to check if other homeowners are receiving the same solicitation or not. If not, I will have no other choice but to file an ethics complaint against you at our B.O.R.

NOTE: A general mailer would not have pertinent MLS data related to that specific property written on the back.

Please take this email in the intent that it is written, not as a threat but as fact.


I have also forwarded this to your Broker for her records. Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter. END OF EMAIL.

Maybe I'm wrong. What do you think?

***I took the photo of the Bald Eagle sitting right on the side of the road in Poinciana Fl.

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