Desperation Creates Depreciation!!!

Call me 407-873-2747Once I had a Seller. This poor guy had his house on the market for 7 months with another Realtor and only had 3 showings during that period. Well, fortunately for him, he listed his property with me when his listing expired. As usual I gave him the talk about leaving the house for showings. It really is simple, REALTOR(R) knocks on the door, Seller opens and says “hi” and then takes the dog for a walk around the block. What could be easier.

Anyway, I phoned him on a Monday afternoon to let him know he had his first showing coming by in about an hour. “Hi, Mr. Desperate, this is Broker Bryant. A REALTOR(R) is bringing some Buyers by in about an hour. Don’t forget, cut on all the lights and when they show up, take the dog for a walk around the block. By the time you get back, they will be done.”

He says, full of excitement, “Wow, Broker Bryant, I can’t believe you have people looking at my house already. I’ll be ready” So all is well.

I call Mr. Desperate the following day to make sure the REALTOR(R) showed up and he says, “Oh yes! They really seemed to like the house. WHILE I WAS SHOWING THEM AROUND they were asking questions about the utility bills and schools. They were here about 45 minutes.” Ok, now being the good little Realtor that I am, I chose to ignore his comment about showing them around and said, “Great, sounds like it was a good showing. I will contact their REALTOR(R) and see what they thought of the house.”

I call the Realtor, “Hi, SellmyListing, just checking to see how the showing went yesterday at my listing at 4321 Depreciation Ave.”

He started laughing! I’m not kidding, he was laughing. Then he said, “Broker Bryant, what is wrong with that Seller? He would not leave us alone. He followed us from room to room and would not be quiet. I finally gave up and just let him give the Buyers the tour. We had to see every inch of his house and listen to him tell us how we will never find another house as nice as his and blah blah blah.”

In shock, I asked “Well that sounds like fun. Did the Buyers like the house?”

His response was, “Broker Bryant, my Buyers were scared of this man, they actually did like the house but told me they would never buy a house from this guy. They said he was too desperate and there must be something wrong with the house, or neighborhood, that is making him act that way. If he had not been there, we would be writing you an offer on the house.”

Ok, SellmyListing, I really am sorry that happened to you and your Buyers. My Sellers know they are supposed to leave. Listen if you want to bring them back or any other Buyers through, I will make sure Mr. Desperate leaves. I am going to call him right now to reiterate this with him. Again, I really appreciate you showing my listing and sorry that happened.”

SellmyListing responded, “Don’t worry Broker Bryant, I know it’s not your fault, I have sold several of your listings in the past and know that you’re a true professional, in fact, you are the best Broker I have ever worked with.” Ok, Ok maybe he didn’t say EXACTLY that. But is was close. Maybe.

Anyway, I called Mr. Desperate back and gave him the news. He seemed to be a little shocked that he blew a possible deal out of the water but did, hopefully, learn his lesson. I made him promise to not do that again or I am coming over, getting my sign and going home. “No, no Broker Bryant, I promise to listen to you from now on.”

“No problem, Mr. Desperate, you are paying me a lot of money to get your home sold, so I am always going to be honest with you whether you like it or not. Deal?”

“Yes, I’m sorry, Broker Bryant.”

So the moral of the story is: Desperation creates depreciation! What say you?

****First published in August of 2006.






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