Don’t Sell Yourself Short. An E-Book by Broker Bryant. Coming soon!!!

Don’t Sell Yourself Short
An E-Book
By Broker Bryant


“Short Sale”. The new buzz word. We’ve all heard it:

 “I owe more than my house is worth and I WANT to move. I’ll just ask the lender for a Short Sale.”

 “I don’t want to live here anymore. I need to do a Short Sale.”

“I want to take a new job up north but I just bought my house last year. I need to do a Short Sale.”

“I’m tired of making these payments and want something smaller. I need to do a Short Sale.”

 “I quit making payments because my lender said once I was behind 60 days I could do a Short Sale.”

 I NEED………blah, blah, blah!!!!!

Folks did you notice all the “I’s” in these statements? These folks have an entitlement attitude. They believe they are owed a Short Sale. Personally I pass on these types of listings. Completing a Short Sale is very time consuming. I want to make sure that the folks I decide to help have a legitimate hardship.

A Short Sale is for folks that are experiencing financial difficulties and who can no longer afford to keep their house. It is NOT for someone who just feels like moving. Now having said that, these folks may very well apply for a Short Sale and it may be granted BUT if you are going to be making your living handling Short Sales you should work with Sellers that give you the highest possibility of getting the “short” approved. Having a legitimate hardship is very important to this process.

Hopefully, after reading this book, you will be in a better position to pick who to help. You will know how the process works and you will get paid for helping people out of a difficult situation.

The first thing you have to understand is that Short Sales are here to stay. For the next five years or so they will be a major part of the real estate market. If you are in a market like mine, Poinciana FL, Short Sales could very well be your ONLY business.

So you have to learn how to do them. And you have to learn how to do them right. Just the fact that you purchased this book shows me that you have the desire to learn.

OK, so first, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am NOT a short sale guru. I’m a full time working REALTOR®. I’ve been licensed for 14 years and have had my Broker’s license for 10 years. By choice, I pretty much work by myself and from my home. I work in a blue collar area of very inexpensive homes and average 37 closings a year. In my best year I sold 67 properties and in my worst I sold 17. I’m just an average Joe…..a blue collar Broker.

In 2007 my market took a drastic turn. Values started rapidly declining and foreclosures started increasing. I was primarily a listing Broker and it was getting very difficult to find home owners who were not upside down on their mortgages. I convinced myself that this was temporary and I could just wait for things to get back to “normal”. I was in denial.

I figured I would just have to work harder to find sellers with equity. I would avoid dealing with Short Sales at all costs. They…..“weren’t worth my time”, “never closed”, “wouldn’t let me get paid a commissions”, “were misleading to buyers”. I was ignorant.

Due to my denial and ignorance my business started going down hill quickly. Closings were far and few between and prices were still declining. My future looked bleak. Something had to change. Sound familiar?

That something was me. I decided to embrace the market. If all the market would give me was Short Sales then I needed to learn how to do them and I needed to learn how to do them quickly. This book teaches you what I have learned thus far.

This book is by no means a comprehensive course on how to complete Short Sales.  BUT… will show you what works for me. It will without a doubt make you better at listing and closing short sales. It will help you build the confidence needed to jump into the Short Sale game. So go for it. Don’t sell yourself short.

To be continued………………….

Coming in late February March**** Broker Bryant’s  E-Book, “Don’t Sell Yourself Short”, will be available to help you succeed in this more difficult market. 

OK Broker Bryant, how much is this E-Book going to cost me? Well that’s a darn good question. Let me ask you this…If I could help you make 10,000s of dollars over the next 12 months how much would it be worth to you? $500? $299? $199? Well how about………$47? That’s right folks $47. For this low price you will receive:

  • My E-Book “Don’t Sell Yourself Short” 
  • Complete short sale listing package
  • Weekly newsletter (12 months)

You can reserve your copy of “Don’t Sell Yourself Short” right now! Just send me an email at and  put   “Short Sale E-Book” in the subject line. Once the book is launched I will send you payment instructions. Once paid……BAM!…..the book and listing package will be in your inbox and your journey towards helping folks with their Short Sales will begin.

****Folks I am so sorry for the delay in getting this book finished but I have been extremely busy. I don’t want to release a product that is not up to my standards. If you have any questions on short sales please feel free to pop me an email at and I will see what I can do to help. If you need personalized help, training or coaching let me know.  I do offer these services for a fee. Just pay for what you need. You can call me for a confidential consulatation at 407-873-2747.

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