Ethics Is As Ethics Does!

I used to be a big dog!

Have you ever been accused of being unethical? I have. In fact, I’ve been accused many times. In ALL cases they were wrong. Here are some of the practices where I have been accused of being unethical. 


  • I received a larger check than the selling agent at closing. I actually had a Broker threaten to sue me over this!! 
  • A Seller, who was currently listed, called me and I met with them and took a post dated listing. 
  • I won’t show a listing that has a less then adequate co-broke. AND…I’ll tell my Buyer this. 
  • A Seller, who was currently listed, received a solicitation from me by mail. 
  • A Seller, that was listed with one of my competitors for property management, called me to list their house for sale and I did. 
  • My practice of “Range Pricing” has been called unethical so many times I’ve lost count. 

Accusing someone of being unethical is a very serious matter. I’ve actually seen it many times here on ActiveRain. I’m sure you have too. Someone writes a “rant” about another REALTOR® and accuses them of being unethical when the reality is they are wrong, very wrong. 

Here’s something that may help: 

  • In filing a charge of an alleged violation of the Code of Ethics by a REALTOR®, the charge must read as an alleged violation of one or more Articles of the Code. Standards of Practice may be cited in support of the charge

That came directly from the CoE. So wouldn’t it make sense than whenever and wherever you accuse someone of a CoE violation that you back it up by citing the applicable Article? Maybe, just maybe, by having to research the CoE, to find the violation, you’ll find out there was NO violation. 

Folks, just because you feel something is wrong or you have been mistreated does not in anyway mean something is “unethical”. If you are going to play the “unethical” card you best make sure you know what you are talking about or it may just come back at you. Make sense?


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