Even if you don’t feel like doing it. Do it anyway!

Hi folks! I just realized today, that it has been 3 days since I wrote a post for my Blog. To be honest, that is really out of character for me. I am always very consistent and persistent in every thing I do. It’s my nature. It’s my character. The last post I wrote was about character and here I am getting away from mine. So let’s give this post a shot today and see what I can come up with. I know some will say, “Broker Bryant if you don’t feel like writing, then don’t write.” My answer to that would be, that the best way to succeed at anything, in life, is to do it whether you feel like doing it or not. Now I’m not talking about doing things that are unethical or illegal, what I’m talking about are things that need to be done to improve your business or your life. Just do it.

TLW can attest to the fact that I am a move forward type of guy. I never dwell on the past and I am able to move forward very quickly. I’m a firm believer in forward motion. Forward motion creates good things. Just do it.

My business has been very, very busy, the last week or so, with negotiations, new listings and chasing closings. All good stuff and all forward moving activities. This morning I had to prepare three listing agreements for tomorrow, renew seven listings that are expiring tonight, arrange showings on six of my listings, mail out my daily expired letter, update the Sellers for my six pending listings and try to find time to write a Blog post. But you know I woke up, this morning and didn’t really feel like working today. It was hard but I dragged myself out of bed, went downstairs to my office, picked up the phone and started making my calls. After the first couple of calls, I was into my groove and things started going well. Why? Because, I just did it. I moved forward and took care of the tasks at hand. Forward movement.

Forward movement means having a plan and sticking with it. It means being confident that the things you are doing will have positive results. It means doing what needs to be done whether you feel like it or not. It means forgetting about your bad day yesterday and concentrating on the new day in front of you. It means knowing that your success and next paycheck are waiting for you to move forward and claim them.

Moving forward is how I stay positive. For me, negative, is a past event. I choose not to go there. I don’t have time for negative. I’m to busy moving forward.

“So, Broker Bryant, what’s the point of this post?” The point of this post is to just do it. Even if you don’t feel like doing it, do it anyway. Forward motion. Trust me, when I say your life will change if you adapt this attitude.

So there you have it, my Blog post for today. I did it. Now I’m moving forward. See you in the future!

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