"Gone Fishin’" This Blog is Closed………Or NOT!!

Who has the hush puppies?

Hi folks. A few weeks ago I was listening to Real Estate Radio USA. Yes, I am an avid listener of the Barries. Anyway, Barry Cunningham, the big fluffy one, brought up an excellent point about blogging. His point was….”What do we write about, after we have covered everything there is, related to buying or selling a house?” 

Barry also mentioned the fact that most of us, who have been blogging for a while, have already written our best articles about real estate. And I have to say I agree completely with his thoughts on this. I spent some time going through my past posts and some of the ones I wrote 2 years ago were very, very good. The problem is….they are now buried behind 400 more recent posts. 

When the consumer finds my blog, I wonder how many of them take the time to scroll through, 40 to 50 pages of posts, to reach the “good ones”? Probably very few. They miss some of my classic posts like: 

So what do we do? Should we go back and republish some of our old but relevant posts? Should we just start writing about our communities? Maybe this Localism thing makes sense. 

Barry suggested that once we are done writing, about everything related to real estate, that we just put up a “Gone Fishin” sign and move on. I like that. 

What do you think?

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