Happy Mother’s Day TLW!!

 Have I ever told you guys how lucky I am? No? OK so here goes. I am sooooooo lucky. “But Broker Bryant you always said you weren’t lucky, that your success was earned and that you worked real hard to get where you are and luck had nothing to do with it.” OK, OK maybe I wasn’t 100% truthful.

I was very, very lucky. I was lucky the day a Mother came into my life 25 years ago. Yep that’s right. L…U…C…K…Y!!!! I remember it well. After a very hard night of waiting tables I strolled across the parking lot to the bar next door from the restaurant I worked in. I didn’t drink at the time so hadn’t been in there in a while, but that night I decided to pop over and do a little dancing to wind down. Just so you know, I was a very good dancer in my younger days.

Anyway, I walked up to the bar to order a soda water and lime and folks…I was served by an angel!!! Yep, that’s right. A real live angel hand picked especially for me. My wife. The one and only TLW.

We have been together ever since. I was also lucky that TLW had two beautiful twin boys who became a very important part of my life. Did I tell you how beautiful my wife is? How about how smart and strong and caring she is? Did I tell you she still brings a smile to my face everyday? Did I tell you how empty life would be with out her? Well if not, she is and always will be, my little angel.

Happy Mothers Day TLW! Thanks for putting up with my crap for so long. Shhhh……don’t tell her I posted this.

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