Heroes come in all sizes!

Folks, today, I want to write about something a little different than my normal stuff. My first plan today was to write about my thoughts on Zillow but I've decided there has been enough written on this topic over the last few days so I'll wait. I did however sign up as a Zillow member last night and will be doing my own exploring and research over the next couple of weeks. Once my opinion has been formed I promise to come back and share it with you.

But today, I want to write about one of my heroes. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and can come from all areas of our lives. My hero is a little guy. Small in stature but big of heart and determination. Being less than five feet tall and probably about 80 lbs soaking wet, he doesn't look like a hero. In fact, if he were to pass you on the streets you may not even notice him. But if you did take notice the first thing that would grab you would be the twinkle in his eyes. They light up. You can tell that behind them is a very intelligent, kind and caring person.

I've known this little man for almost 12 years. Every time I see him I smile. Some people just do that to you. With this guy you can't help it. He always has something witty or intelligent to say and is always full of positive attitude. He's the kind a guy you just want to be around. He makes you feel good. Let's face it we all like to be around people that make us feel good. Having the ability to make folks feel good about themselves is going to carry this little man far in life. And, I for one, am looking forward to the day when I can say "I knew him way back when he was just starting out."

He loves to read. He's an athlete. He watches over his three younger siblings. He gets all A's in school. He once said to me "Being small doesn't bother me because someday, I know, all the big guys will be working for me."

So folks, here's my hero, Brandon Tyler, my Grandson!!! I love you. Keep up the good work. Broker Grampy.


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