HomeGain, FSBOs, Idiots and "going it alone"!

Want to "go it alone?"


Hi folks, you may have already read about HomeGain's new "Personal blooging network for real estate professionals" If not read this post by Brian Brady and this one by Greg Swann over at Bloodhoundblog.

This post is NOT about Homegain's new blogging platform. This post is about REALTORS® and their attitudes towards folks that choose to "go it alone". But there is a connection….so please bare with me.

Jeff Turner posted "For Sale By Owner: Raise the price then call a REALTOR®" a couple of days ago. Jeff's post was basically reposting a question that a FSBO had placed on Twitter. The question was: "Got a buyer for my condo. They want me to hold the mortgage. Any advice?"

Jeff's post was not only a Public post but it was also a Featured post. It received over 70 comments. The comments, from REALTORS® included statements such as:

  • ……this guy is seeking free advice? After he doesn't want to compensate a professional?
  • Never ceases to amaze me how people with little to no experience buying or selling houses seem to "wing it.
  • My advice to the seller's, don't reinvent the wheel, always deal with professionals.
  • …..just another example of an ignorant homeowner who thought they were doing themselves a favor and "saving" money.
  • This guy is a certified idiot.

Now, in all fairness, there were some pretty decent responses, as well, but in my opinion, the majority of the comments were just reprimanding this guy for not wanting to use a "professional". Folks, if you think those PUBLIC comments make you look like professionals then you are sadly mistaken. Whether this FSBO made a good choice, or not, he was really just asking for some advice. If you don't want to give him any….then don't.

But make no mistake about it….him choosing to "go it alone" does not make him an idiot! One commenter summed it up nicely with this comment: "All sellers have four choices, don't sell it, sell it yourself, list with any old Realtor, or hire an experienced one." The key word of course being CHOICES. It's the Seller's choice…not ours. If you want to try and win their business then have it…but demeaning their decision to "go it alone" will only accomplish making yourself look foolish. Not to mention the damage it does to our profession's reputation.

Anyway, I was reading the comments over on Greg Swann's post, about HomeGain and it hit me, Louis Cammarosano, trying to sell Homegain's blogging platform, sounded like a REALTOR® should sound when pitching their services to a FSBO.

Louis was debating with a couple of guys who thought "going it alone" was best. Here are a few snippets of what Louis had to say over at Bloodhoundblog: (The added parenthesis and CAP text are mine)

  • The decision to use homegain(A REALTOR®) is based on whether the agent(SELLER) would rather spend money with homegain(A REALTOR) to get results(BUYERS) or time on his own trying to generate results by himself. Obviously, if you enjoy building your own seo(MARKETING) prowess, developing your own blog, selecting key words etc and are successful at it, then HomeGain(A REALTOR®) perhaps is not for you. If you want a marketing partner that gets results and is cost effective, then checkout HomeGain(A REALTOR®.
  • Homegain(A REALTOR®) does what most individual realtors(SELLERS) can't do themselves; i.e. garner thousands of visits a day based on brand name alone, aggregate hundreds of partners to send traffic to, manage millions of key words on Google, MSN and Yahoo to send visitors(FIND BUYERS) and build solid SEO(MARKETING) based on years of site history and content.
  • I think, however, its a tad ambitious to suggest that one day we will have a nation of individual realtors(SELLERS) all acting as sole proprietors handling every aspect of their businesses(TRANSACTIONS) with no third party help. You are correct, however, with the new tools today if one wants to give it a try, they can do it. If they want a little help, HomeGain(A REALTOR®) is there!"

Now folks, who would have a better chance of winning the business? The REALTORS® on Jeff's post or Louis?

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