How about some fish, a show and some land?

Land SharksOK, you'll like this one. I've recently been communicating with a Seller that wants to list and sell a couple of vacant building lots in Poinciana. The lot market in Poinciana has pretty much dried up since most of the builders moved out of the area last year.

During the peak of the market, 2005, a building lot in Poinciana would fetch about $60,000 to $70,000. These were incredible prices since as recently as 2002 you could find lots in the $5,000 to $7,000 range. Sure wish I would have bought about 50 of those…but nooooooooo…….I'm an idiot!!!!

This guy's lots are now worth about $30,000 each, assuming we could even find a Buyer. Anyway, he sent me an email asking if I heard of a company…..let's call them….Surf and Turf, Inc.

I picked this name because one of their marketing techniques is bringing Buyers and Sellers together through promotional Dinner Shows. Have a piece of fish, watch a show and buy a lot. Does this work? I don't know.

What I do know is that they are NOT licensed agents. They are in fact, a Nationwide Advertising and Marketing company that specializes in vacant land.

And…..Why spend thousands on realtors with rock solid contracts that don't allow you to sell? Especially when….The real estate market across the country is better than it's ever been. Anytime is a good time to sell!

Those are their words….not mine.

Now folks, I'm a firm believer in free enterprise. If it works…..go for it. BUT….here's my problem with these types of "Marketing Companies". Actually let me just tell you what they told my lot guy.

"We will sell your lot's in 90 days for $120,000 each. All you need to do is cut us a check for $1,897.00!!!"

Where did they get that $120,000 figure from? My guess is they pulled it out of their arse!! But hey, what do they care? It's all about the upfront fee. IF….this Seller were not already well informed, by me, he could have very easily wasted $1,897.00. AND…..may have believed his $60,000 worth of Real Estate was actually worth $240,000!!! Incredible.

So folks, be careful out there. Do your research before hiring a "Marketing Company" instead of a REALTOR®. If not, you may very well be buying dinner and a show for a lot of "Buyers". I do hear the fish is excellent though? What say you?

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