I am soooooooo lucky!!!!! Or NOT.

Florida Real Esate Broker 407-873-2747 Hello fellow Rainers! This is going to be one of those post that has been flopping around in my head for a few days. Not quite sure how it’s going to turn out but I think there’s going to be a point in here somewhere. So please bear with me. Sometimes I just have to get it out of my head. OK, since I don’t really know how to start this, I’m just going to jump in and use myself as an example.

“I feel so lucky today! Business is booming and as lady luck would have it, I am in the right place at the right time, to take advantage of it. My “popularity” is growing by leaps and bounds on ActiveRain and I have managed to get into the right “cliques” so that all of my posts get featured and folks line up to leave comments. I must have been born with a silver spoon in my mouth and it seems my 15 minutes of fame has extended into a lifetime. I am soooooo lucky”.

Have you ever looked at someone else’s success and thought how “lucky” they were? Or, made a comment about a Blogger on ActiveRain, about how their posts are always featured and it must be because they know the right people or they are featured because they are “popular”?

Did you know, successful people rarely, if ever, have thoughts like these? By these, I mean, the ones in the 2nd AND 3rd paragraphs. Most successful people have a strong work ethic and have spent many years honing their craft to achieve “over night success”. Most successful REALTORS® have spent many years prospecting and studying market conditions to be able to get “lucky” and be in the right place at the right time. “Popular” Bloggers on ActiveRain have also put in the time, done the research and studied the market(AR) in order to become “popular” and get into the right “clique”.

Lady Luck has nothing to do with success. You may get lucky and have short term success but you cannot achieve long term success this way. You have to have a plan and you have to stick to it. The same applies to ActiveRain. Being popular or being part of the right clique will not give you lasting success. You have to be willing to share and give folks information they can use. You have to be consistent.

So, maybe if you are not having the success you feel you deserve. Then check your attitude first. Secondly, devise a plan and stick to it. Success in anything takes careful planning and persistency.

Check your vocabulary. Change:

  • Luck to hard work
  • Clique to niche
  • Popular to trustworthy

Work hard towards becoming the expert in your niche and build trust by being honest and dependable. By doing this you may find yourself being “popular” and in the right “clique” and before you know it, your “luck” will change. To me, ActiveRain is just like real estate or life for that matter. I would venture to say that the “popular” Bloggers on ActiveRain are, or will be, successful in their businesses as well.

OK, I just reread this post and I’m not sure I got my point across. Maybe I’ll get lucky. It sure sounded good when it was my head. Oh well, I’m throwing it out there anyway. Sometimes you just have to go for it. Maybe, you DID get my point. Did you? Does your success depend on Lady Luck?

****First posted in April 2007**** 

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