I Will NEVER Show That REALTORS(R) Listings!!!

Yes you will!!!Hi folks. Have you ever had such a bad experience, working with another REALTOR(R), that you swore you would never work with them again? I know I have. It can be difficult but we must remember that our job is to help Buyers and Sellers achieve their objectives.

It’s tempting to not show a REALTOR’S(R) listings or suggest to your Seller not to accept a deal from a particular REALTOR(R) who we have had a bad experience with. However, as difficult as it is, we must not  hold the Buyer or Seller responsible for their REALTOR’S(R) incompetence.

The reality is, the Seller just wants to sale and the Buyer just wants to buy. Work towards helping them achieve these goals. This may require dealing with unprofessional and rude REALTORS(R) on occasion.

Bite your tongue, put on a smile and muddle through it. Take charge of the transaction. Be the one person in this stressful and difficult deal to hold it together and get the job done. Not only will your customer/client be impressed but the other REALTOR’S(R) customer/client will also become your biggest fan. This is how you build a long term successful business.

Anybody can handle a smooth transaction it is getting through the difficult situations that set you apart and make people remember you. Maybe your professionalism will rub off on the other REALTOR(R). One thing is for sure, the problems and issues we have, with unprofessional REALTORS(R), will always be a part of our business. It’s our job to rise above it and keep moving forward with a good attitude. That’s something we can control. It’s why we make the big bucks.  What say you?


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